Genderfluid helicopter – who it is? what does this term mean?

Genderfluid helicopter is a rather incomprehensible term used by young people on a social network. This expression appeared not so long ago and its meaning lies in the fact that people are different, the views are changing, the idea of the gender and its difference from male or female, for example: non-binari, agent, beener and others are changing.

In general, genderfluid is a person whose gender identity is inconsistent.

Genderfluid helicopter – who it is? what does this term mean?

The genderfluid helicopter -section – in fact, officially such a term does not exist, he was invented by one blogger who called his channel on YouTube so. The name is comic and ironic, since on its channel it makes fun of such modern topics as feminism, sexism, gender inequality and others.

Genderfluid helicopter – this is a meme. Although this term is similar to ‘scientific’, it does not exist and it is completely invented. The fact is that this is an irony over a modern tendency to create many genders. There are very popular opinions among young people that there are much more than two genders in the world.

Genderfluid helicopter is the same irony over all this. This gender is indicated by the sign ‘. Was first invented by a famous blogger on YouTube.

As far as I know, such a term as a “genderfluid helicopter” simply does not exist, this phrase was invented as a joke with one YouTuber, and it means some inconsistent sexual orientation.

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