History about a wild or cultural plant 2 class sample-where to find?

There was a small green cucumber in his garden in the garden and he was very curious. He wanted to see a lot – what is going on in the world, behind the fence of the garden. Once he was going to crawl into the hole of the fence to look at the world on the other side of the fence, but his mother said that the cucumber would not leave his native bed, because there was a large red beast that has huge eyes and great mustache behind the fence. The mother of the cucumber saw this beast earlier, when he stuck his big red head into the hole of the fence, and then all appeared on four paws and with a long tail. The mother of the cucumber was so frightened that she hid under wide green leaves and the red beast passed by without noticing her in green leaves. The little cucumber became very scary, but also interesting is the same: what kind of beast is so terrible there is a fence there? The cucumber did not listen to his mother and jumped directly into the hole of the fence and found himself on the green field, where horned animals went in the distance, but they were not red and white, but black and white. And these huge animals did not pay attention to the cucumber at all, apparently because they were far away, on the other side of the field. The cucumber ran along the fence and then he met a frog, which he met near his garden. The cucumber asked her about a red beast with a large mustache and a long tail and the frog told him that it was a red cat and that he was terrible for mice, and for a cucumber is completely safe, but those large spotted animals with horns are cows that are for a cucumber.dangerous, because cows are herbivores and eat vegetables too and can just eat a cucumber. Then the cucumber realized that he was walking for a walk around the world is unsafe and decided to return to his garden.

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Cultural plants are those that a person grows to produce food, feed, raw materials. Cultural plants are obtained by selection, hybridization, etc.

My fairy tale will be about watermelon.

The children celebrated on September 1 and there were fruits and berries on the table. And there was a ripe red watermelon in the middle of the bottom. Blueberries, blackberries and raspberries lay on a separate dish and were very proud of themselves. Pears and apples were considered fruits in more likely, there were a lot of them. The apple believed that the watermelon belongs to their company. But the watermelon said that he was a berry. Raspberry and blackberry were very surprised at such a turn.

  • What a berry? Look what a thick peel you have, how huge you are, and you are not in the forest.

Arbuz told his story. It turns out a long time ago in hot Africa lived the ancestors of the watermelon, they were completely wild. Many years later, a person learned to grow watermelons. Watermelons saved from thirst for animals and people. The ancestors of the watermelon were drawn on ancient Egyptian frescoes. Watermelon was laid in tombs. Malinka, blueberries and other berries and fruits in amazement listened to the history of the watermelon and were imbued with respect for it.

The world is very diverse, the fruit decided. Each culture is good in its own way and each is needed by a person.

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A fabulous story about a cultural or wild plant can be easily composed by yourself. It is enough to choose the protagonist, for example, the princess of the carrot and come up with some story with her connected.

Here is an example of a fabulous story about a cultural plant carrots. We attribute this plant to vegetable crops.

Once upon a time in the fairy-tale garden of the princess carrot. She was very beautiful, but modest, and therefore instead of showing everyone how red-rally she is­I sat deep in the ground and only put my luxurious hair-bout on the street.

Once I saw these hair Marquis Luchok and fell in love with carrots. He decided to get to her and turned to carrots with the following words:

-Oh beautiful red girl! Do not refuse a good young man, Udaltsa Luchka, agree to marry me. And we will not live to live!

And the princess carrot was not even capricious and herself looked from the ground for a long time at the ground. And so he seemed to her a handsome man that after hearing a flattering offer for himself, carrots immediately responded with consent.

And they began to always live together carrots and bees, so amicably that all the pests were sworn from grief. They cannot now approach the carrots, to hurt the ray. Only a onion flush flies to the bow, grinds teeth, and the carrots are right there, the beloved protects, the fly scares away the fly. Only a carrot fly sits on a luxurious tops, and its beam is shifting with its arrows, it drives away.

So there lived a ray and carrots in good health and harmony.

And here is an example of a fabulous story about a wild plant, called burdock: History about a wild or cultural plant 2 class sample-where to find?

A fairy -tale story can be composed independently, do not forget that this is a story for students of second grades, it should be small and quite simple. For example, this is what I composed:

Plantain grew in the yard. The boys rushed around the yard, stomped his leaves, it never occurred to anyone that he was alive, that he was unpleasant. And no one yet knew that he was useful.

And then one day Petya, one of the boys running around the yard, fell and torn off his knees very much to blood. All his friends scattered, and he was sitting on a bench, he was hurt and insulting, he did not want to go home, because he would have scolded him.

Then a little old man sat down to him and said, holding out the sheets of plantain that these are medicinal leaves, and that it is necessary to apply him to the wounds on his knees.

Petya was very surprised, and the old man who turned out to be a wizard, told Pete that he once enchanted the leaves of the plantain and endowed them with magical power – to heal the wounds.

Petya took advantage of the leaflets, and after that he respectfully treated the plantain, never stepped on him anymore and did not trample.

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Fairytale story about the valley.

Once upon a time there was a lily of the valley, his thick and magnificent leaves flaunted in the shadow of trees. The valley did not like the sun’s rays and always hid from it under the crowns of trees. A bell in a blue outfit lived near the valley. He was so bright, so sonorous, so beautiful that the lily of the valley admired him every day.

The lily of the valley dreamed that the bell would notice it, but this did not happen.

One night, the lily of the valley saw a falling star and made a desire to be beautiful, like a bell. And then he had a dream that a fairy star flew to him, she heard the desire of the valley, but warned, if she gives the valley a beautiful flower and smell, then his flowering would not be long, and he will become poisonous. The lily of the valley agreed to this and when he woke up, he was very surprised.

Everyone in the forest looked at him, everyone talked about his outfit, about his smell. And even the bell noticed the valley.

For three days the lily of the valley lived very fun and good, but the time came and the outfit had to be removed. But now he does not bloom every year for a long time, pleases others, but for all this he has become poisonous.

An example of a fairy tale about a dandelion I give below: History about a wild or cultural plant 2 class sample-where to find?History about a wild or cultural plant 2 class sample-where to find?

This story is about a beautiful flower whose name is chrysanthemum. In the east, this flower is named a white dragon flower. Once a white dragon conceived an unkind: he decided to steal the sun from people. So he flew highly, high, flew to the sun itself and began to tear it andit. The sun resisted as it could, but several rays still fell to the ground.

When the rays reached the earth, they turned into beautiful flowers. And soon all parks, squares, gardens were strewn with flowers.

The dragon failed to defeat the sun. On the contrary, he made good to people: he strewn the planet with beautiful flowers, which were called chrysanthemums. History about a wild or cultural plant 2 class sample-where to find?

There was a little dandelion in the large, large meadow. Of course he was not alone, either his relatives or just neighbors flaunted nearby. Dandelion was small and frail because he constantly lacked the sun. He was born from this later than the rest. He woke up when it was light and warm, and fell asleep in the evening and in bad weather, when it was raining or there was no sun in the sky. Once a dandelion met the old man, whose head was all gray and the old man told our hero that he would not die, but would give life to others, and this is the purpose of all dandelions. Once, a dandelion woke a loud noise, he did not even dare to open his eyes, squeezed and trembled like an aspen sheet, but when he opened it, he saw that many of his brothers and neighbors died. The elder explained to him that it was done by people who their enemies. Soon the elder went into another world, and the dandelion discovered that he became all gray. He was afraid as if people were not ripped off and remembered what the elder told him. He no longer fell asleep and admired the sun every day. Dandelion was thinking about life, about what would happen to him later and here he realized that he became a father. He had fear for his children and his dream began to give them life. Once he woke up, sighed in full chest and suddenly a strong wind blew and tore off his children from his head. Dandelion smiled, mentally said goodbye to them, wished them happiness, but he fell asleep and did not wake up anymore. He was able to fulfill his purpose.

History about a wild or cultural plant 2 class sample-where to find?

Plants are divided into wild – those . which grow independently and cultural – those that are grown by a person are cultivated by him.

The story of a wild plant of forest strawberries You can write like this:

Forest strawberries are small and unattractive, when compared with garden strawberries, her relative, who is grown in gardens and gardens.

The berries are small, and even you need to collect them, leaning low, in the forest or on the shore of the river.

But this berry has its own secret. Otherwise, why do she go to specially collect people of spring sometimes and at the beginning of summer and the bears complain to her and vowed with her.

Ant, who lived with strawberries in neighborhood, thought about all this.

He could not endure and asked the strawberry, which is why she is so fond of and make so much effort. To get strawberry berries.

Strawberries replied: ‘And you come closer and smell me, my smell can not be confused with another, I plowing, and my berries are sweet-sweet. And in every berry there are many useful vitamins, so they make jam for the winter. The cold is treated with this jam. And my leaves are useful, they are dried and added to tea. And you, ants, take a few leaves and berries, you will drink tea in winter and bite strain jam.’

History about a wild or cultural plant 2 class sample-where to find?

As you know, all plants are divided into cultivated and wild.

Cultural plants are those plants that a person grows and ennobles. These are all kinds of vegetable and cereal crops, fruits, berries, bushes and trees.

Wild plants include such plants that no one sits down, they grow on their own, no one cares for them, but these plants are growing anyway.

History about a wild or cultural plant 2 class sample-where to find?

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