How correct: barren or unysflone? Why?

Not so long ago, I began to write this word more often, and I noticed that the Internet is full of words ‘Sinifty’, and these are not in the articles of some bloggers, but in advertising, for example, ozone offers barrage shampoos)

But it will still be unequfinite to write correctly, although I am now writing this word, and it is also emphasized by a red line.

Because the prefix demon goes beyond the root, starting on a deaf consonant. Therefore, we write ‘unscrupulous’ with the letter C, and ‘thoughtless’ – with the letter Z.

So the word is unpleasant to be written correctly, but the feeling that this mistake is created – so that everyone sees right, that a shampoo without sulfates, therefore, is blind. Well then write ‘without sulfates’ and all.

The rule of the Russian language in this case is quite categorical: if the root begins with a deaf consonant, then the prefix ‘demon’ is written, if with a ringing, then the prefix ‘without’.

In this case, the root ‘sulfate’ begins with a deaf consonant ‘with’.

Therefore, it is right.

And errors on packaging are the trend of time.

General literacy falls, and no one wants to pay the corrective – neither marketers, nor advertisers, nor manufacturer, nor bloggers. And just on the Internet to look too few people come to mind.

Still correctly ‘Sur Assulfet’, according to the rules of the Russian language. As for the inscriptions on the packages of shampoo, most often the text of the package, and even more so articles (on the Internet) are written by illiterate people.

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