How is it written: ‘at night’ or ‘nanoch’?

The combination of ‘at night’ is interesting in that the New Year’s Eve, for example, we write separately, not even trying to attach anything to ‘nights’, but’At night‘For some reason we are drawn to write together. This is the wrong approach to the ‘night’.

There is no such word in the language – ‘nanoch’. It is clear that the combination of ‘at night’ is very similar to the adverb, answers the question ‘when?’, but this does not mean anything. How is it written: ‘at night’ or ‘nanoch’?

How the word is written At night or Nanoch, Separately or together, find out.Having first determined part of the speech.

At night, do not tell your son terrible fairy tales.

In this sentence, from the predicate, we will ask the question of the word that interests us:

Do not tell (what?) at night.

This is a noun in the form of a vinological case with a pretext. To solve the issue of separate or alleged writing of this word, we will take some steps, namely:

We will insert a question or definition between the word ‘on’ and noun.

On what? night

For a long night.

The reception worked. This means. that the word ‘at night’ is spelled correctly.


Hope the child at night with a warm blanket.

Do not watch TV at night.

At night you should not eat much.

We plan to sit at night at the hotel.

Good afternoon. The word ‘(on) night’ can sometimes cause difficulties in writing, but everything is very simple.

There is a noun ‘night’ in the Russian language from it does not form an adverb ‘(on) night’. Therefore, the noun according to the rules of the Russian language we write separately with the prepositions: ‘at night’.

An example of a sentence.

We decided to stay here at night.

At night, it is written separately of course, it can even be cleaned in Google – to prescribe

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