How many pages in the book “War and Peace”?

Well, depending on which publication you are interested in. If Van needs not accurate numbers, but approximate, then only four volumes, in 1 – 308-310, in 2 – 320-322, in 3 – about 350, and 4 volumes are the smallest, there are only about 200 pages there are about 200. By the way, another epilogue of pages per 100. Total it turns out about 1270 s.

Firstly, the book ‘War and Peace’ Leo Tolstoy accrues 4 volumes, which follows that there will be more than 1000 pages. So in each volume approximately 300 pages. The smallest volume fourth in it is about 200 pages, in the first more than 300, and from the second and third in the region of 350. So all volumes have about 1300 pages in the amount of about 1300 and all depends on the publisher.How many pages in the book “War and Peace”?

This question is far from idle, because the novel has to be studied by schoolchildren, and they definitely want to know how many pages in the novel “War and Peace”, how much time will be required, at least a cursory reading. I hasten to “disappoint” not lovers of reading – a novel, the original edition of which appeared a very long time – in 1865, very voluminous, even “too”. It all depends on a particular book publisher, the target audience, the tastes of which determine the ratio between the volume of printed marks (font) and the number of various illustrations. There are books in online stores, for any, even the most picky taste and, accordingly, a wallet.

Here, for example, 2 volumes released by AST, publishing house G. Moscow with the number of pages – 736 (each):

How many pages in the book “War and Peace”?

To answer this question, you need to indicate a specific edition, as well as the language in which it was published. And there were a lot of publications in different languages, including separately, and in the collections of works. Moreover, the number of pages is extremely strongly dependent on the format, font, and even the time of publication. For example, according to the old spelling of some, there were more than a dozen pages. I can see our 14-volume collected works of 1951 (Tom from the 4th to the 7th). Volume 1 (‘War and Peace’), 361 page. Volume 2, 377 pages. Volume 3, 406 pages. And the last volume 4, 363 pages. It is difficult to even imagine how this can be written with a pen on paper. Even just rewrite – the hand will suck. But the complete collected works of Tolstoy – 90 volumes!

Lev Nikolaevich Tolstoy ‘War and Peace’.

Epopepa Roman was written in 1863-1869.

From the end of the 19th century to the present, the novel has been published by many publishers. Each publishing house made its own format of the book, selected its specific font size. Therefore, an unambiguous answer to the question ‘how many pages’ cannot be. ‘War and Peace’ is a voluminous work.

For example, EXMO Publishing House: year of publication 2008, number of pages – 1296.

Each volume of such a masterpiece work as ‘War and the World’ of Leo Tolstoy has its own number of pages. If we take in general, then all volumes together consist of approximately 1200-1300 pages of printed text.

Roman ‘War and Peace’ Leo Nikolaevich Tolstoy This is a collection consisting of several volumes of an impressive size. By the way, for this reason, many schoolchildren could not read it until the end. Each of the volumes of 300 – 340 pages, in total, is presented for reading 1200 pages.

4 volumes. In the 1973 edition, respectively, in each volume- 239 pages, 292, 264, 296. Roman is difficult to read in the beginning. A lot of footnotes with translation from French, sometimes these are whole pages. But you gradually get used to it. Probably everyone should read ‘War and Peace’.

And here I remembered that the wife of Lev Nikolaevich Tolstoy rewrote the book “War and Peace” by hand 7 times. Honestly, it is difficult to imagine since in the four volumes of war and peace ‘ 1200 pages. And even more so handwritten text is even more pages.

The novel ‘War and Peace’ is several books that have a different number of pages, depending on the size of the printed font, but usually about 1300 pages, 330 – 340 pages are coming out for each book, you get tired of reading.

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