How many syllables in the word ‘stork’?

In the Russian phonetic syllable, a vowel is a syllable. Count the amount of vowels in the word stork. There were two of them.Therefore, this word contains two syllables:


It must be remembered that the phonetic section of the words to syllables and spelling transfer of the word by syllables very often do not coincide, which the proof is, just, a noun ‘stork’.

Although there are two syllables in it, this word is not tolerated by syllable, since as a rule, spelling does not allow you to leave on a line or transferred to the next one vowel, even a syllable -forming. For this reason, the word ‘stork’ is written entirely on the line.

There are as many syllables in the word as in it vowels. In the word ‘stork’ there are two of them – a and and. So, there are also two phonetic syllables.

A completely different matter when we divide the word for transfer. According to the rules of the Russian language, one can not leave one letter on the line – a -Ist. The transfer will also be wrong – AI -st. That is, the word ‘stork’ is not possible to transfer in parts.

In a word ‘stork’ Two vowels ‘A’ And ‘And’, which says that this word is present Two phonetic syllables. Separation of the word into phonetic syllables will look like this: ‘stork’.

But to transfer our word ‘stork’ It is impossible to leave one line to the other line according to phonetic syllables, since it is forbidden to leave one letter on a line or transferred to another. Therefore, if necessary, the word ‘stork’ can be transferred to the next line only whole.

Stork – here to solve the issue you can not think for a long time, but it is necessary to decompose the word by syllables, it turns out only two syllables – a -Ist, nothing that in the first syllable is only one vowel, this rule acts only when the word is transferred, but not here. Two

Who? – stork.

This is an animated masculine noun, in the singular (in the plural there will be the word – ‘storks’), in the nominative case. This word refers to the second declension.

Now we recall the rule of our “great and powerful”, which states that there are so many syllables in the word as in it vowels.

In the noun only the ‘stork’ of the vowels of the vowels, and hence the syllables in this word 2.

In the plural, the word [aista] has three syllables.

Since in this word we can see two vowels, then this indicates that the word ‘stork’ has two syllables.

However, to transfer the word to another line using the division of syllables we will not be able to. Since the first syllable consists of only one letter -a.

If we want to know the number of syllables in the word stork, we must calculate the number of vowels in it, which always corresponds to the number of syllables.

A – vowel, and – vowel, – C – consonant, t – consonant. As a result, we got two vowels, which means two syllables.

The word ‘stork’, there are two vowels (a, I), which means Two syllables will. In this case, this word is not tolerated, since one vowel cannot be left. It turns out there are several syllables, and the transfer is not possible, such words in the Russian language can be found a lot.

Syllables in the word “stork” – 2. There is a syllabic vowel “A”, which is the first syllable. Accordingly, the second syllable will be the rest of the word – “East”. The final result of the analysis of the word by syllables will be like this – a -Ist.

The question is somewhat tricky. And those who do not know that the number of syllables in the word we determine by the number of vowels in it can quickly answer that 1. But this will be a wrong answer.

We have 2 of them, which means, and the syllable 2.

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