How many years can be masturbated?

I think that the child should be at least 10 years old before taking up this business. The fact is that 10 years is an early period of puberty in boys. In girls, puberty can occur at 8 years old, but their sexual attraction is not as intensively manifested as in boys. Therefore, you can conditionally establish the age of a child of 10 years, in which you can engage in masturbation. Some children later begin to masturbate, that is, at 12 or at 14 years old. There are children who masturbate up to 10 years old, but this is already a deviation from the norm (too puberty in the child requires medical intervention). The first act of masturbation in a child can occur by accident, and everything else will be done consciously. It does not matter whether the child admitted to his parents that he is engaged in masturbation or only under suspicion of this matter, his parents can tell him: ‘We want to conduct an unusual lesson for you’. And then it turns out whether the child has started masturbation. Conclusion: this is normal if the child has already graduated from the younger classes of the school.

From any1. Even three -month -old children masturbate. Almost everyone does it, although they do not admit. There is nothing wrong with that. Sexual needs are born with us.they can be satisfied in different ways, including masturbation.

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