‘How mice was buried’ briefly content for reading. What to write?

Zhukovsky’s fairy tale “How mouse Kota was buried” distinguishes the subtle humor inherent in this author, which we observe in almost every work of it.

Brief retelling of a fairy tale:

The little mouse sees in the yard a strange animal, which seems to him very beautiful. He wants to meet this animal, but the appearance of a rooster saves a stupid mouse. After all, this animal is the cat Murlyko, the most important enemy of all mice in the yard.

And then one day the mice will find out that the cat was hanged. They run to see and really see that Murlyko hangs on his hind legs, and his eyes look motionlessly into the distance.

The most brave ones climb onto the knot to gnaw a rope, but find that the cat hangs on claws.

Murlyko falls to the ground and the mouse poet climbs him to read his own epitaph.

Stepanida’s experienced mouse prudently leaves and takes his mouse.

And then Murlyko woke up and arranged a bloody hunt. Many mice died, and the queen managed to save literally a miracle.

Summary in 6 sentences:

  1. Murlyko cat was the most beautiful beast in the yard
  2. There was a rumor that he died and the mice were delighted.
  3. They found the hanged cat and began to have fun
  4. But the cat hung only on claws and when he fell, woke up
  5. Murlyko made a battle and many mice died
  6. The Queen of the mice was saved by a miracle.

‘How mice was buried’ briefly content for reading. What to write?


‘How mice were buried’ briefly summary for a readership diary

Zhukovsky wrote his fairy tale based on the Satiric Lubka of the same name. Tells the story of the mouse prince. Once he liked the cat so much that he almost fell into his paws, since the rooster was tanned and thereby frightened the cat (answer for BV). The news once came to the mouse kingdom that the cat was hanged. The mice were delighted, walking and decided to verify truthfulness, and the cat took and came to life. As a result, there were many wounded, many barely carried away (for BV). So the feast and curiosity of mice are ended.

‘How mice was buried’ briefly content for reading. What to write?

Vasily Andreyevich Zhukovsky wrote a wise children’s instructive tale about how you should always be careful, sensitive, but never play with fire!

Summary For Reading Diary You can start with the fact that the story is written on behalf of a small stupid, naive, gullible mouse.

Once a mouse – the one on the behalf of which is a story – looked out of the mink, seeing a beautiful courtyard, filled with the sun, and at a distance a lovely animal with fluffy ears that watched the birds are doing. It was not the baby that this very character was the Cat of Murlyk, who was afraid of the whole clan mouse, enmity with a cat’s clan.

The brave hero wanted to take a walk, that his terrible monster was frightened away – ‘Frequent’, which has a ‘gear cap’ on his head, and his legs with claws, and spurs – according to the description, this is a rooster that frightened the mouse and beat off the desire to lean out of the mink.

Rumor among the mice passed that the “vile kitty” hanged “! Looking out, the gray rodents saw the beast, hung upside down with a stopped look and thought that this villain was hanged for his malicious deeds and thieves’ nature. Then it was decided to arrange a ‘commemoration’ of a hated creation. The mice pulled the cat falling down from the branch by the mustache, tickled, who at a boss, tails in the nose… In vain, the old mouse of Stepanida, the young and mischievous offspring, insisted that there is no rope for which the cat was suspended, and the shy skin is not visible:

‘How mice was buried’ briefly content for reading. What to write?

But the mice had fun and teased the ‘dead’ cat, and the writer of poems Klim, whose nickname ‘frantic tail’ for love in the beat of the cited lines beat on the ground, climbed onto the enemy’s belly and began to read the ‘tombstone’…

But as soon as a few words ‘preacher’ managed to pronounce how the cat showed signs of life… Twenty fellow tribesmen of the Ten-Squeezer mouse were immediately struck on the spot on the spot, still three times more rushed into the hole, being wounded.. Rat Onufry and a fan of quoting poems fell into the clutches of the predator the very first… Even Tsarina Praskovye barely managed to escape, and the most important of all – Tsar Irinaria – also barely survived.

‘How mice was buried’ briefly content for reading. What to write?

The story is leading a small mouse about how he first saw a cat and what happened later. The mouse was inquisitive and all the time sought to run out of his narrow gap to the spacious courtyard, but he was not allowed by a mouse queen named Praskovya and Rat Onufry made sure that he did not run out, because the cat lived there – a formidable fighter of all mice. Once a mouse saw a cat and wanted to better consider it and he was already preparing to run out, but then a rooster was clogging loudly and frightened the cat, so the mouse was saved by this sudden cry of a rooster.

But, once, a rumor passed that the cat died, that he weighs a dead log and was happy with the mice, decided to bury the cat and celebrate this event for which even the mouse poet wrote a verse.

But at first, cautious mice decided to make sure that the cat died and saw this log on which the cat hung upside down with glazed eyes, but then they noticed that the cat was hanging not on a rope, but on their paws, catching behind a tree with its claws. Bold mice climbed onto the cat and then he threw himself to the ground from the pillar and continued to lie motionlessly. The mice were again delighted and began to run vividly on him, and the mouse poet began to read his solemn verse. But, suddenly, the cat suddenly came to life and immediately rushed on mice and twenty mice he instantly bites, and more than sixty were terribly injured. The queen was saved only thanks to the miracle, and the king of the mice received a cat’s claw on his nose and he had a bloody wound on his nose. The most daredevils such as the poet and Onufry were the first.

‘How mice was buried’ briefly content for reading. What to write?

The narrative in a kind of fairy tale of Vasily Zhukovsky is conducted on behalf of the unreasonable mouse. He tells how he met a cunning cat Murlyka, and how this acquaintance turned out for the whole mouse family.

Once the mouse looked out of the underground, not obeying his mother. He saw a wonderful yard. And in the yard he noticed an entertaining animal with a long mustache and a velvet skin. Mouse wanted to meet an amazing beast. But a terrible yard rooster prevented him. At home, the mouse was explained that he almost fell into the clutches of the terrible cat, who would just eat him.

Once among the mice there was a rumor that the cat was hanged. So the mice were delighted that they even composed a funeral speech and decided to bury the cat to bury. They lowered the cat, who hung on a log upside down, and began to have fun. Completely bold, began to pull Murlyk by the tail, tickle his nose. One wise mouse warned that you should not believe the cat, but others did not listen to her.

As a result, the cat turned out to be alive, wounded many mice, killed some. The rest managed to escape.


  1. The mouse sees a cat, wants to make friends.
  2. The rooster scares the mouse.
  3. The mouse understands that the cat is dangerous.
  4. A rumor about the death of a cat went.
  5. Mice decide to bury him.
  6. Begin to read a funeral word.
  7. The cat comes to life and eats some of them.

‘How mice was buried’ briefly content for reading. What to write?

The fairy tale is narrated from the face of the mouse prince. He complains about the most important enemy of the entire mouse family – Cat Murlyku. Once he almost fell into his paws when he wanted to look at an unusual beautiful animal in the yard. Then his rooster frightened him with his cry. Then the mouse prince said that meetings with this cat could be dangerous for the mouse, and that it must beware.

The news reaches the mouse that Murlyk is hanged, and they go to look at it with all the mice with all the mice, and even decide to celebrate the memorial service. Staying closer, they find that it is suspended by the paws. Turning to the cat, suddenly it becomes clear that he did not die, because he dismissed his claws.

‘How mice was buried’ briefly content for reading. What to write?

The little mouse recalls how the first time he met with a local murlyk. The mouse only wanted to get out of the gap, as the rooster immediately scared him. Adult mice said that his rooster saved him from the cat.

Once among the mice there was a rumor that the cat was hanged. Then the mice were delighted and decided to conduct a rite of burial. And the mouse poet even composed a poem, after which everyone went to the cat.

Arriving, the mice saw how Murlyko hangs on a log. The mice decided to gnaw a rope, but as it turned out the cat hung on claws. However, falling to the ground, they saw that the cat did not move. Then again, they began to run around him.

Only one wise mouse took its children, because all this was so suspicious. The mouse poet, meanwhile, climbs the cat and begins to read the verse. At that moment, the cat begins a bloody battle. So in the end, more than 20 mice died and were somewhat injured.

So the mouse feast ended in a tragedy.

Here you can read what this fairy tale teaches.

‘How mice was buried’ briefly content for reading. What to write?

Regarding the brief content of Zhukovsky’s fairy tale, how the mouse was buried, then it is approximately the following.

Dvorov and house mice were annoyed by Murlyk’s cat. The narrative is being conducted as if on behalf of the mouse, who describes how to go once saw this cat from his mink, wanted to get acquainted, but he was stopped by a yard rooster, which actually saved the mouse life.

Once among the mice there was a rumor that the cat was hanged. The mice began to watch Murlyka and surrounded him, but when they looked closely, it turned out that the hind legs were not tied to the log, but hold on to claws. One mouse refused to watch and warned that the cat was pretending, but no one listened to her.

Mice gathered around the cat and began to read funeral speech jokingly, but in this Murlyk this Murlyk attacked them because he was not dead, but pretended to. Many mice died, and even more blots of wounded.

The meaning of the fairy tale is that you cannot believe the enemies, even when they seem dead and helpless.

‘How mice was buried’ briefly content for reading. What to write?

The instructive fairy tale of the Russian writer Vasily A. Zhukovsky ‘like mouse Kota buried’ describes a funny story that happened in the mouse kingdom, from which very deep conclusions can be drawn.

The summary of the fairy tale for the reader’s diary will write down several sentences as follows:

1.Mouse, the prince from the mouse kingdom once almost fell into the clutches of the treacherous courtyard cat Murlyki, he was saved by the fact that the rooster suddenly bought.

2.There was a rumor that the cat died and all the mice went to look at this spectacle.

3.Mice found a cat hanging on a log.

4.The mice decided to touch the cat and he fell, pretending to be dead.

5.The mouse poet began to read the memorial service, climbing the cat.

6.The old mouse Stepanid does not believe the cat and leaves with his family.

7.The cat suddenly attacks mice and many of them die.

‘How mice was buried’ briefly content for reading. What to write?

IN. Zhukovsky ‘like mice caught’, summary:

  • Once a mouse in the yard saw a cat that he really liked.
  • Loud cooking of a rooster scares a mouse.
  • The wise Onufry explains to the stupid mouse who is a cat.
  • Learn by rumors that Murlyka was hanged.
  • The joy of mice, they celebrate the death of Murlyka.
  • The cat suddenly comes to life, and the celebration begins.

The main idea: First of all, any hearing must be checked, only having made sure that this is true, we should talk about it further.

The main characters of the fairy tale:

  • Mouse on the behalf of which a fairy tale is told,

  • Tsar of mice Irinaria,

  • Queen of the mice of Praskovya,

  • Poet Klim,

  • Experienced Rat Onufry,

  • Cat Murlyko,

  • Stepanida mouse.

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