How much to cook Argentine shrimp?

Actually Argentine shrimp They differ from other types of these seafood in that it has a red shell initially, and the preparation method itself is identical.

Of course, you need to recall that the shrimp before use, in order to avoid poisoning, must be thermal processing and this is not dependent freshly frozen or half -ready.

As a rule, for better transportation, it is the semi -finished, that is, “slightly boiled” shrimp to us.

Given that the Argentine shrimp are somewhat larger in size, then it will take a little more time to boil them – three minutes.

To boil Argentine shrimp, you need to place shrimp in salted boiling water and literally after 2.5-3 minutes remove from boiling water.

It is not necessary to digest shrimp, since the meat will then be a harsh “rubberized”. If frozen shrimp is placed in boiling water, then the cooking time needs to be increased, about twice to about seven minutes.How much to cook Argentine shrimp?

Argentine shrimp either boil or fry in butter. First you should defrost the shrimp. No need to throw ice shrimp and start cooking. We defrost the shrimp in cold water, and then throw them into salted boiling water and cook after boiling for 5-6 minutes. But it is worth looking at the size of the shrimp, because they are easy to digest and the meat will become tough.

If we talk about frying, then such on medium heat lasts 3-4 minutes. During this time, a crust will appear on shrimp.

Before you cook such shrimp, it is better to defrost them, we do just that, although we tried another option.

After the shrimps are thawed, you can cook.

As for cooking time, we have about 4-5 minutes to cook Argentine shrimp.

Argentinean shrimp can also be said to be frying, for example, in butter or olive oil, but if you are interested in the process of their cooking, then here I must say that in a thawed form, they boil for about 5 or 6 minutes.

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