How original to answer in the correspondence to ‘Hello’?

Good time for you!

Answers to ‘hello’

  1. Hi (HELLO)!
  2. Pr!
  3. Meow!
  4. To confirm that you are not a robot enter the following inscription ‘Hi Avianella!’
  5. Now please decorate your message.
  6. Can you give more details?
  7. Oh! And you are very talking in Russian!
  8. Now ask me: ‘How are you?’
  9. How long I have not heard this word.
  10. What do you think I will answer you?
  11. I obey, comrade major!

Here are some options answer to ‘Hello’, They are more suitable for communicating with those with whom you are already familiar with:

1) Mur-Mur.

2) I wish you health.

3) Do you want a blowjob? – Option for a girl.

4) I want a blowjob. – Option for a guy.

5) Fry Cutlets to me.

6) PrVT.

7) Hello, hello.

I think I will offer not an original option. But I like to answer: Hello to a new friend! In the answer – both the intentions of the continuation of communication are understandable, and the willingness is present.))

Some of my friends on my ‘Hello!’replies:’ Here he is – I!’

Who is what is it.))

My friend loved to answer: ‘Hello!’

My former classmate wrote to me before, I dug him in contact years later, and was shocked, he became an informal, or whatever they call them, the beard is long, it goes to some rags with pieces of iron interspersed. Or maybe not informal, maybe it mows under the biker. But his slang is specific. He changed all the words all the words twisted, as it is called there or what is called. The page was deleted there now does not write). But wrote so, instead of hello shak. I generally understand this as a clock-knuck))? In general, it was funny.

Not only in correspondence in some kind of social network or a messenger, but also at the meeting the original answer to the greeting [hello], how it sounded, welcome.

My friend did not like a simple ‘hello’ and when I wrote to her like that, she always answered me like this: ‘I’ll show you hello!’.

The phrase/word ‘Hello’ can be answered with these words or phrases:

  • One hundred years would not see you yet;
  • Who remembered me here;
  • So far (oddly enough);
  • Further;
  • We will skip this stage;
  • A ban has been established;
  • You have nothing more to say?!

A person sending such a message actually calls and has interest to continue correspondence.

But, the laconicity of greetings speaks of the caution of the addressee who is afraid to run into the negative of the recipient.

Apparently he already has such an experience.

People irritated and scandalous out of the blue can be found everywhere and everywhere, but there are also sociable, friendly interlocutors, even correspondence.

Answer with ‘greetings’ to hello and all, like a baby raccoon

How original to answer in the correspondence to ‘Hello’?

In an original response in the correspondence to ‘hello’ can be different: how much fantasies is enough. Much depends on how close or far away the opponent in correspondence. If this is a close friend, then it is quite possible to answer with humor: ‘Greetings, Earthlings’ or ‘Vatsap, Friend’. In correspondence with a less close person, you can answer: ‘Bonzhur’, ‘Helloy’, ‘Hi, Man’.

Reply to hello in an original and a little non -standard, of course, the main thing is that the other person does not offend with this.

Here are some options:

1) how friendly are you! / What a friendly you are!

2) I bring marathtes! (if this girl answers)

3) I’m with greetings too.

4) come to me for lunch!

How original to answer in the correspondence to ‘Hello’?

Oh, to ‘hello’ can be responded with very different options from the most friendly, to negative. So, I can offer such answers to such a greeting:

1) And I’m glad to talk to you

2) Greetings and you/you

3) very nice that I remembered/remembered about me

4) Well, hello, hello

5) Hello, if you don’t joke

6) Hello

7) Oh, it’s great that I wrote and I welcome you.

In my opinion, originality should not be shown in a greeting. Well, or if only ‘about greeting you, ….’Well, or something like that. For originality, you first need to feel the mood of a person, and only then invent.

Reply original to hello, of course, you can – just do not forget that it is not always appropriate.

In general, this is what you can write:

  • Continue.
  • Konnichi Wa!
  • Wow, look who decided to write to me!
  • Hello too.

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