How Skvidvard died – what kind of horror story and where does it come from?

The people love different stories that are not amenable to logical explanation, half -truth and frank fakes. When some legend appears – due to hype, it quickly becomes popular and few people already think about the reality.

In 2010, there were not so many seasons of Bob’s sponge and then a story supposedly from the studio employee appeared that one of the episodes was never the air. Naturally, we are talking about the imaginary suicide.

The story is so stupid and blows far -fetched even when reading it that you immediately understand that this is a fake. But the people continue to repose this topic and made such a horror movie from it.

According to legend, the death of Skvidvard is due to the fact that his game on the clarnet was not appreciated. Allegedly he heard a voice demanding to kill himself. Well, of course, it should have been in the frame.

The format of the animated series itself does not correspond to this cryptipasta at all, but the people like legends – here they are postponing them. In November 2023, the next video on this topic was released, created by the next user, which also turned out to be a fake (already 4th), but a large number of requests in search engines nevertheless instantly appeared on this topic. Just Tiktok added the speed of fussing hype.

How Skvidvard died – what kind of horror story and where does it come from?

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