How they called a fish from a mermaid?

How they called a fish from a mermaid?

The tale of the mermaid is especially interesting for children in the Disney setting of the cartoon, where all the heroes are funny and funny, especially the mermaid itself, which is small and funny. She has a friend who is always nearby nearby – the fish is the Fluner fish, he will always help and will not leave, take care and entertain, together they are not boring to get into different situations and adventures.

Friend Mermaids The name is Flounder.

How they called a fish from a mermaid?

This cartoon conquered the hearts of many children and their parents. And for many years he has been continuing to remain popular and beloved. All the heroes of the cartoon carry positive and good mood. Not only the main characters are interesting, but those who play the second roles. For example, a funny fish Flounder is a friend of Ariel and a favorite for many children.

A full -length cartoon about a mermaid and a multiplier series from Disney is familiar to many. The cartoon is quite old, 89th, but still has not lost its relevance.

In it, there are a mermaid past the princess, there are other main characters – one of them can be called a yellow fish – a rather close friend of the mermaid, who had the name Fluner.

In the old cartoon produced by Walt Disney ‘Mermaid’, there is a very funny, good little yellow -shaped fish. The main character is great with her. This positive bright character was called Flounder. Children love this fairy tale and always look with pleasure. I also sometimes look at some episodes with them.

How they called a fish from a mermaid?

Yellow cool fish from the cartoon of Walt Disney’s studio ‘Mermaid’. This fish was the closest friend of the mermaid and always helped it out in the most difficult situations. Pretty pretty, positive character.

How they called a fish from a mermaid?

The little funny fish was called the flauner.

By the way, my daughter loves him most in the cartoon ‘Mermaid’

The yellow fish in the mermaid was called the flauner.

Cartoon about a mermaid all children and sometimes adults look with pleasure. Good cartoon with interesting adventures. This cartoon is not about Anderson’s mermaid, but the cartoon is very good.

And the fish was called the fish, it is difficult not to remember it, although the name may fall out of memory.

One of my favorite cartoons from childhood ‘Mermaid’, I liked both a large full -length cartoon, and a series, which very often was shown on TV. And this fish of the best friend of the mermaid Ariel was called the flauner.

Yellow fish from the multiplier film Mermaid (Disney) according to the fairy tale g. Anderson’s name was the Fluner, who was a real friend of Ariel, the cartoon teaches real friendship, and the little fish Flounder is the best friend.

This bright fish, a faithful friend of the mermaid from the good Disney cartoon of my childhood ‘Mermaid’ Flounder. A very cool cute hero who accompanied the princess of the sea everywhere and always.

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