How to answer the question ‘as a mood’?

Hearing the question:

How to answer the question ‘as a mood’?

I would answer like this:

Since my mood



From the heartbeat,


Hearing and vision,

Urineal systems,



to give an objective answer

First you need

I go through





  • The mood was beautiful, so far, I have not met my dear, my dear.
  • Today I have a salary at work, and the mood corresponds to my salary.
  • Wife at the resort, my grandmother’s children, and I have a whole bottle of a good, Armenian, five -star mood!
  • No mood, I really want someone to do the muck, it’s good that you turned up by the arm.

A very frequent question (‘like a mood?’), as frequent as the question’ how are you?’.

In an original one can answer in rhyme, for example, like this – ‘like your digestion!’, or’ like cherry jam!’.

You can answer ‘You can’t wait!’or’ I am a person of positive ‘,’ give good ‘,’ peaceful ‘.

There is still such an option – ‘The mood is excellent, because I am a decent person’, etc.P.

I understand why this question is annoying: the questioner already has the desired answer – a brief ‘excellent/normal’, as well as animal fear that they will tell him that the mood is terrible because it is terrible because… To knock out such a vulgar ordinary person – a matter of honor. You can answer:

He called the tuner, he promised to look soon.

I set up.

My mood looks like a structure – there is a foundation, and a roof where – God news.

This is too personal a question.

How to answer the question ‘as a mood’?

Options how to answer a similar question, the mass and a lot depends on who sets it. So, for example.

How are you?

  • Could be better.
  • could be worse.
  • what do you think?
  • like a schoolboy who received a deuce.
  • And as you want, it will be.
  • And as you want, this is.
  • the best.
  • It will improve in the evening.
  • Help raise.
  • There is no cooler.
  • no one has that.
  • better than yesterday.
  • Better/worse than tomorrow.
  • just like others. This is my favorite ‘proprietary’ phrase, almost 100 percent of those asking me about my mood, or about business, discouraged by my answer. As a rule, in most cases, follows the phrase: ‘So everyone has different?’. I am in response: ‘About this and we are talking, I also have..’

Even such a simple question can be approached with humor and sometimes answers you can cheer up your interlocutor for a day. We can say that my mood is excellent, but you can boast of the same? It will be a continuation of your dialogue. Of the unusual answers, I liked the following:

  • continuous stunning/like a cat digestion
  • As in a jewelry store – enthusiastic
  • Complete reassurance
  • With your arrival has improved
  • I fell ill with a great mood

Do not say negative words, bad, sad. They usually use them to share experiences with another, but whether it is necessary for the interlocutor? Often not. Accordingly, more positive in answers give.

How to answer the question ‘as a mood’?

Very often they ask a similar question what you can answer in different ways.

So, if you were asked about how your mood, you can answer this way:

  • In itself;
  • The best, but no one is jealous;
  • Thank you, shit.
  • What are you talking about?
  • Changeable or stable.

The question ‘as a mood’ is very popular, as we ourselves often ask it and we are so accurately set for us.


‘My mood has changed a lot for the better when I saw you’ (though you need to say it sincerely, otherwise the interlocutor can suspect the irony).

‘My mood depends on the weather, and since today is sunny weather, then my mood is wow’.

‘My mood is raised in the morning, because life is a wonderful thing’.

How can you answer the question ‘how mood?’.

The easiest answer that comes to mind: good, excellent, so -so, but it is unlikely to seem original.

Therefore, I will offer answers to the case when the mood is good, and in the case when it is so -so.

  1. At the level of clouds.
  2. At least now in astronauts.
  3. But so the mood.
  4. You want to spoil?
  5. If I answer the truth, you will be offended.
  6. I miss.
  7. Somewhere in the Antarctica area.
  8. I am having fun and do not touch others.
  9. Nightmarely delightful.
  10. And what is it?

Originally answer the question: ‘How mood?’You can like this:

  • I get up at 7 in the morning… What is my mood? (if you have it bad, and you have not got enough sleep)
  • As soon as you came, my mood immediately became excellent! (So you can answer your beloved)
  • You can not ask, my mood is the same as yours, because we are two halves of one whole! (this is also for a lover)


  • For what purpose are you interested in?
  • With your appearance, it improved
  • Like Carlson: I want sweet and shoulder

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