How to arrange from north to south of the reserves of the Caucasian Taimyr (see.)?

Here we remember a little geography and where these reserves are approximately territorial. Taimyr Reserve He is North and is located in the Krasnoyarsk Territory. Therefore, we put it first. The second will be Kivach, because he is in Karelia, and this is also considered the north. The third we put the Prioksko -Terrasny – this is the south of the Moscow region, well, the last one is the Caucasian already the south. Now by the first you are b-v-g-a. Here is such a right answer to the question of the geographical dictation.

Even a simple knowledge of geographical names can answer this question – after all, three of the four reserves in their names actually indicate their location: the Caucasian reserve is clearly located in the Caucasus, Taimyr, respectively, on the Taimyr peninsula, and the Priox -terrara, judging by everything, apparently, in the afternoon.Located somewhere in the Oka River basin, t.e. In Central Russia. It remains to find out where the reserve with an interesting name Kivach is located: and it turns out that he is in Karelia. After this clarification, it will not be difficult to arrange the proposed reserves in the right order.

Correct answer: B-in-g-a.

In my opinion, a rather difficult question about the geographical dictation regarding the knowledge of the map.

But still you can cope with him. Indeed, in the reserves, the name itself speaks for itself – about the place of its location.

Presenting the map before our eyes and put up the reserves mentally:

The northern northern ones will be Taimyr Reserve, T.To. It is located in the north of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, the Peninsula Taimyr.

Kivach – located in Karelia, and this is already south.

Priok-terrara­ – Located on the banks of the Oka River, in the Serpukhov district of the Moscow region – this is already the central part of Russia.

Well, the last one remains – Caucasian – This is the south of our country.

Correct answer: b, c, g, a.

In the elementary grades, I sat on the first desk and all four years before my eyes hung a physical map of the Soviet Union. Naturally, I ‘photographed’ for life.

The most northern reserve is indicated on the issue – this is Taimyrsky. Kivach reserve is located in Karelia. This is also the northern region of our country, but is located south of Taimyr. Prioksko-Terrara reserve is located in the South Moscow Region. And Caucasian, respectively, in the Caucasus. And now the correct answer is built as follows: Taimyr Reserve – the Kivach Reserve – the Proko -Terrax Reserve – the Caucasian Reserve.

Answer: b), c), d), a).

You can’t answer such a geographical question, far from all (or rather a unit) can immediately name the location of the reserves of Russia, you will have to at least open the map and see with your own eyes what and where is located. The correct answer will be –

How to arrange from north to south of the reserves of the Caucasian Taimyr (see.)?

The northern largest reserve at the place of location is the one that is located in Taimyr, so it will be the first on the list. And the south is the one located in the Caucasus, so the Caucasian reserve will be the last in the list.

We exhibit Karelian Kivach and the Prioksko-Terrasny Reserves between the previous two in the corresponding order and get the next arrangement of Russian reserves:

B // v // g // a.

I was looking for an answer to this question, I hope I was not mistaken. My first was the Taimyr Reserve (it is north of all), then there is a Kivach reserve – the pearl of Karelia, after it you need to put the Prok -Local, this is the Central Russia, and the Caucasian Reserve will be in the last place, as located south of all.

It turns out that the correct alternation of letters in this matter is such – BVGA.

Beautiful question and almost every name is familiar to me. Once attracted the name Kivach, found it. And it is clear that in Taimyr – one, in the Oka basin – the other, in the Caucasus, beauty and reserved places also have seen, there is another. Therefore, I build these reserves in the following sequence: Taimyr, Kivach, Prioksko-Terrasny, Caucasian…

answer: B-in-g-a

The northernmost reserve in Russia is Taimyr, is located (by name) on the Taimyr Peninsula in the north of Siberia. Kivach – waterfall is such somewhere in the Petrozavodsk area in Karelia. Further in Moscow, the Prioksko-Terrasny, and ends the South Reserve in the Caucasus, which is called that. Answers BVGA

To arrange the reserves of Russia from north to south, you can know where these reserves are located or representing a map of Russia.

The north is the Timimorsky

south Kivach is Karelia

Even south of the Prioksko-Terrasny Reserve is located in the suburbs towards Serpukhov, Tula

South Caucasian.

The answer is BVGA.

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