How to change the inscription ‘on the network in a telegram to another?

In telegrams in the settings, you can configure so that no one will see the time of your visit to the network.

To do this, you need to perform this sequence of actions:

Go to the settings, then to confidentiality, the next step is the last activity. There you need to select a item called ‘nobody’. That is, no one will see the time of your last visit. You can choose ‘only friends’. It is clear that if you set up in this way, then only friends will see the time.

Everything is extremely simple, such an inscription appears in the user if in the confidentiality settings he changed his visibility for other contacts. There are several options: ‘was/and on the network recently’ and the actual time of the last visit, that is, ‘was/and on the network+ visit time’. If you do not hide from other contacts, then you will have the inscription ‘was/and on the network’ and then the time of the visit itself, and if you have changed visibility, then the rest will see only ‘was/and on the network recently’. Another is not provided in the settings of this messenger and it is impossible to completely remove it.

Sometimes, users want to hide the fact that they are on the network or not. Well, for example, they do not want someone to write or distract them. But if you have an inscription ‘on the network’, then it is impossible to do it. Even if you are not online, a person can see the time and date of your last visit.

But such a problem can be solved very simply, you only need to change the inscription to another, namely ‘was on the network recently’, in this case, other users will not be able to understand online or not. You can change such an inscription in the settings, just opposite such an inscription you need to put a check. As for me, this is a very convenient function that sometimes helps.

It is not difficult to change the inscription of the user’s activity in the social network telegram. To do this, just go to the messenger settings and find the “Privacy ‘item”­.

Here you need to change the time of your visit to the messenger, for this we set a checkmark in the right place to hide the time of your visit.

So, we choose ‘was on the network recently’ so that the system does not display the time of your last visit to the messenger.

You can adjust the settings that show when a person was online. This is convenient, since the user himself can configure at his discretion ‘visibility’. In order to change, you need to go into the settings. To do this, click on your profile (three dashes at the top, a profile with an avatar will open). Among the points there will be a paragraph ‘settings’, click on it. There will be several points below again. Choosing ‘Privacy’­. Among all the following options will be the menu item ‘Last activity. There probably is an option ‘everything’, it is turned on automatically. By clicking on it, you can choose one of the options. If you do not want to see your activity in the messenger at all, choose the option ‘nobody’. But keep in mind that the visibility settings will change in relation to other users. It will be possible to add exceptions or leave visibility for all your contacts, and for everyone else to change.

How to change the inscription ‘on the network in a telegram to another?

Everything is very simple here. Such an inscription can be changed to ‘was (la) recently’. To do this, in the settings we hide the time of your last entrance. After that, telegram will hide it and everyone will see that you were recently. But with others you will also see the same inscription.

How to change the inscription ‘on the network in a telegram to another?

To see all other users gives Telegram, at what time did you go to this application and were online. But not all users like this.Poet­The invisible mode of Telegram is very useful if you do not want to give your presence here or so that you are worried. At what point do you visit online, it can be hidden if you want it. There are small tricks for this.

Own network status is possible to hide in this application. This is necessary so that you can not follow you. Then only the approximate time of your activity will be displayed here in your profile, for example, recently or this month. To do this, you just need to put a checkplace in the settings.

How to change the inscription ‘on the network in a telegram to another?

Some people have an inscription ‘on the network’ in telegrams, which means – the user is on the site now.

‘Was/and on the network’ and then there is time or date, which means the time when this contact was on the site. For example, if a person was today, then the time of the last visit is written nearby, and if a few days ago, then the date is indicated.

You can change this inscription, but only to one: ‘was/and on the network recently’. This inscription will appear, no matter when you were online, 3 minutes ago or 3 days.

In order for this inscription to be displayed, it is necessary to put a checkmark in the settings to hide the time of your visit. This inscription will appear in everyone who corresponds to you, not to make selectively.

I know that many users of messengers such as Telegram and WhatsApp do not want other users to see when they were online. Hide this information Telegram messenger allows you to do it easy.

The inscription ‘was on the network’ can be changed to the inscription ‘was (a) recently’.

The problem is solved as follows:

  1. We go to the settings.
  2. Next, go to the “Privacy” section­.
  3. We go to the point ‘last activity’.
  4. Choosing a point ‘Nobody’.

Now the inscription was on the network ‘.

Go to the settings, it is there that you can change the inscription.

Next, put a checkplace opposite the item ‘was on the network recently’.

In my opinion, this is convenient, there is no exact time, the user could be on the site two minutes ago and two days ago, all this is ‘recently’.

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