How to cook Ice Latte in the game ‘My coffee shop’?

Since I am a big lover of Latte coffee and my coffee shop, this recipe is close to me. To prepare ‘Ace Latte’ in the game, my coffee shop will need to mix the following ingredients:

  • Latte;
  • milk;
  • ice;
  • chocolate syrup;
  • Vanilla syrup.

The Ice Latte Coffee Recipe is simple enough. The main thing is the availability of all the necessary equipment. Often in the game, my coffee shop is moving to the next level, and there is not enough money to buy a new window with goodies. Accordingly, it is not possible to cook new dishes, although visitors are already trying to order them. I have to wait and save game money.

Latte is one of the classic Italian coffee recipes. It is very easy to cook classic latte. You will need only 2 ingredients: express and warm whipped milk.

In the game ‘My coffee shop’, you can prepare several varieties of Latte coffee. One of them is Ice Latte. Ice Latte can be prepared from the 12th level of the game.

To prepare Ice Latte, you will need only 5 ingredients: latte, milk, ice, chocolate and vanilla syrup.How to cook Ice Latte in the game ‘My coffee shop’?

In order to prepare an ice latte in the game ‘My Coffee shop’, the following ingredients will be required:

  • Latte;
  • Chocolate syrup;
  • Ice;
  • Vanilla syrup;
  • Milk.

Latte is created in a coffee machine, milk and ice cubes are in special refrigerators, and chocolate and vanilla syrups are served from apparatus. Five ingredients come out in total.

Ice Late in the game my coffee shop is already opening from the twelfth round to prepare this delicious drink the following ingredients of Late itself, a little fresh milk, cool all this with ice and add syrups for taste. For sweets and aroma vanilla syrup, for the taste of chocolate. The drink is ready.

Ice Latte recipe in the game ‘My Coffee shop’ opens at the 12th level. Since it is at this level that we have access to the purchase of such an apparatus as vanilla syrup, which will cost 45,000 gold coins. And you will be asked to cook Visitor Clyde Bowen from you.

To prepare the Ice Latte drink, we will need the following ingredients and the sequence of its preparation:

first prepare the drink itself Latte,

Next, add to it milk,


A little chocolate syrup And

Vanilla syrup.

Our drink is ready. Clyde Bowen is satisfied.

In our menu, the optimal cost of this drink is 58 gold coins.

Photos of this recipe, see below.

How to cook Ice Latte in the game ‘My coffee shop’?

To become available all the ingredients, first we must reach the 12th level in the game “My Coffee shop”. After achieving this level, for the preparation of the Ice Latte, we will have to mix five simple ingredients: first we take milk, then add Latte to it, do not forget to add vanilla and chocolate syrup and add ice with the last ingredient. All! Hot drink is ready, I wish everyone a pleasant game.

Ice Latte – A delicious drink for hot weather.

In the game ‘My Coffee shop’, it will open at 12 level, stock up on gold coins to buy equipment – vanilla syrup.

Recipe ‘Ice Latte’: Latte + milk + ice + chocolate syrup + vanilla syrup.

Success in the game!

How to cook Ice Latte in the game ‘My coffee shop’?

A game ‘My coffee shop “, recipe Ice Latte:

  • milk;
  • Latte;
  • vanilla syrup;
  • chocolate syrup;
  • ice.

In addition to ingredients for preparing a drink Ice Latte in Game My coffee shop, You will also need special equipment – if it is not, then you need to buy it for game money.

Below the picture, you can see what the ingredients look like for cooking Ice Latte V My coffee shop

How to cook Ice Latte in the game ‘My coffee shop’?

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