How to delete photos in a telegram? How to delete your photo from an avatar?

In order to delete a photograph of your profile in a telegram: start the application, then open the menu (three features in the upper left corner of the screen), then find the “Settings” item in the menu and tap it, the settings screen will open with your photo and name, just loweryour avatar and to the right there is a circle with the camera icon,. If in the future it will be necessary to install the avatar again, then we do all the actions described above only after pressing the camera we select one of two actions: either take a photo or install a photo from the gallery.

To begin with – you must allow the Telegram messenger access to your photo. Well, of course, it will be necessary to allow access to the video camera on your device.

We go to our account – then we look like a finger to the left to the right and call the menu. You can also just touch your avatar and after choosing – make a new avatar or choose from the Internet already bewitched or from the Internet.

Well, if you just remove the avatar – so that there is nothing, then call the panel in the photo on the right side – on which you should choose ‘delete’. I have at least on a smartphone like this – as shown in the screenshot from below.

How to delete photos in a telegram? How to delete your photo from an avatar?

Such a messenger as telegrams I use extremely rarely, I would even say very, very rarely and therefore I can remove and install it back on a smartphone several times a year.

Also not so long ago I changed its old avatar for a new one, as the photo hung from the very moment as the Telegram application was installed on my smartphone for the first time.

In general, delete or replace your photo on the avatar in the Telegram messenger, you can. And to do this is very simple, just go to the application and touch your finger on your avatar or the place in which it should be. Well, then select the desired option and you’re ready. Press three points or strips and select remove, or replace.

If everything is written in English in my application, then it’s easy to get confused.

So, here’s how you can delete a photo:

Click on three horizontal strips and find on the Settings list – opposite this word I have an exclamation mark. Click on setting and get into settings with personal data. Next, click on the photo itself and it opens at the top screen. On the right we find a menu of three points. If you press there, then there will be Delete – this button and you can delete the photo.

Here are detailed screenshots:

Three horizontal strips (menu) in the upper left corner:

How to delete photos in a telegram? How to delete your photo from an avatar?

You are already tired of the photo in your profile of the Telegram messenger and you would like to replace it with a more successful and fresh picture, then there is nothing easier – how to change it to a new 1.

In the application itself, in the upper right corner we observe three identical features – that’s what you need to click on them and the menu will open to you. In which we choose ‘settings’, after which a page appears to our gaze, on which you can replace not only your avatar, but also change the name.

Very simple!

Go to Telegram. In the upper left corner, press three dashes. Find ‘Settings’ on the left below, on the penultimate line. Click on ‘settings’, your avatar opens. Click on your photo. In the upper right corner, press three points. Choose ‘Delete’.

So you can delete all your photos on the avatar.

To do this, you need to go to the application itself, then go to the settings section, these are three points at the top of the screen, here you open your profile with the name and photo, click in the photo and again click on three points at the top and the function is opened under the title

Delete the photo simply and does not have to change it to a new. To remove the photo from the avatar in the telegram, we act as follows:

  • We go into the application, press three horizontal strips in the upper left corner;
  • In the list that appears, select the “Settings’ item”;
  • Click your finger on the avatar on top, the image increases;
  • Press the button in the upper right corner in the form of three points;
  • In the list that appears, click on the ‘Delete’ button.

There is a second, similar option. We act in a similar way:

  • We go into telegrams, press three horizontal strips in the upper left corner;
  • In the list that opens, select the “Settings’ item”;
  • Click on Avar, holding your finger until it turns around the entire screen;
  • Click on the button in the form of three points;
  • Select the item ‘Delete’.

You need to solve this problem first of all to enter telegrams.

Then pay your attention to the left upper corner in which there will be three dams, you need to press them.

Then look for the ‘settings’ column on the list. After you click on it and your avatar will open.

After that, first press on your photo, and then at three points that will be in the upper right corner and activate the command – ‘delete’.

Any actions in various programs begin with Meu ‘Settings’. Telegrams are no exception. To delete the photo, you need to select the “Settings’ item” in the main menu (three dashes in the upper right corner), the profile tuning with the name and photo will be opened. Below the avatar you will see the camera icon, when you press telegrams, it offers to remove the photo.(or add)-select the desired action.

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