How to determine -where a person got after death?

I am striking in the naivety and simplicity of people who believe in God, people who do not believe in God – atheists do not lag behind them, in any case, they still ask the question, in fact, people or their souls fall into paradise or hell, depending on the mercy of God (most likely it is not the mercy of God, but in the people themselves and their behavior)

I note that no one will tell the truth about this, because this question, as well as God Himself refers to the question of the answer to which for the living remains a secret. No matter what people say and no matter what stories about this, this question for living people will remain unanswered.

Let the believers forgive me, I sometimes answer such a question with a question, and the deceased writes letters to you, which they answer in surprise, of course not, then he is in hell, since everything is allowed in paradise.

I can only tell a case from my life.40 days have not yet passed since my mother’s’s hard to say nothing…But what happened when it was 9 days..Let the skeptics explain me then…Mom told me during my lifetime when we visited the cemetery where a relative was buried that I would really like a beautiful monument when it dies.We jokingly discussed this.Of course, I never asked the price for the monument.because she was not going to think about her death.So we are sitting at the wake with my sister and I tell her that I would very much like to fulfill my mother’s desire and put this monument but when I found out the price.I realized that it was unlikely that I would once pull it and then a person calls me who took money from me another 7 years ago and I asked to give it more than once.but I knew that he has no money.He did not know about the death of his mother of course.completely alien to our family.And now he calls and says..that his deeds got better and he can give a debt..And the amount of this debt for exactly the cost of the monument.My sister and I are still in shock.Of course I immediately ordered a monument.Here you go.Maybe someone can explain this to me?Dear skeptics…

My opinion – people are divided into people with the presence of soul and just dolls.

Those without a soul, they do not get anywhere. They just disappear. Their templates (appearance, nature and memory of the events of their life) are stored in the supermodation of the local universe. And from time to time this ‘universe’ can appear on earth in the form of people similar to them and with similar behavior, although if you need to reprogram it.

Where did the living person with the soul just do not know if they don’t want to do it at the top. But most likely he is in other worlds and if his mind is stupid, then sooner or later his demons are again put on the ‘earth’, but already in a new body.

I believe that after death the following occurs. 40 days with the soul will determine what to do to do sins. And if everything is fine, then the soul remains ‘in paradise’.These souls visit us help us. Well, if there are more sins, then the soul goes to rebirth. After all, what is ‘hell’ is mental and physical torment, and who, like not a person tolerates all these torments. I believe that hell is on earth, and we are all sinners.And atone early perfect sins. And to find out where the soul got, if after 40 days your ancestor does not dream even if you wanted to see it. Then his soul went to rebirth.

It seems to me that all this happens through dreams… When my grandmother died, after 40 days, she came to my mother in a dream. And before that, we all dreamed of all once. And then, having come to her mother, she seemed to show her a piece of paradise and left, saying goodbye… And there was all in a bright robe. After that, we never dreamed for a long time.

We cannot know this. But it seems that our prayers, spiritual father and church help the soul. I somehow read the ordeal Theodora seems to. There, one person asked where the soul of a woman, who sinned a lot, but at the end of his life, corrected. But this was shown to him by the prayers of the spiritual father. And we have almost no one

What happens to a person after death is the most secret secret for living. You can’t find out this, and everything that someone tells is either intentional lies, or errors. Well, you can’t know this – and that’s it! And therefore, I think that nothing happens, a person just dies and he is not… Otherwise – well, over millions of years, people would have found out what and how! There would be reliable information, not any nonsense. After all, people are prayer, they will find out everything, they will stick their noses around, they fly into space, the microwaves are invented, and “there” are figures. But there is no “there” because. Live here and rejoice…

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