How to draw Naruto?

Drawing Naruto is generally simple, it may seem that it is difficult to draw Naruto, not at all.

Let’s start our drawing with the head of Naruto.How to draw Naruto?

Character From the Japanese anime Naruto, for several years has been interesting to viewers, especially school age and naturally tried to capture it in their drawings.

In principle, Naruto is not so difficult to draw, because the main thing is to carefully take a closer look and determine its main features, and this is a hairstyle, a bandage on the forehead with a hieroglyph, memorizing face-mask.

Here in the figure you can spy all the stages of the image of the face of Naruto.

How to draw Naruto?

About what Naruto is, you can learn more in Wikipedia.

There are many videos on this topic on the YouTube website. (Most of the videos are not Russian -speaking).

For example, some of them:

We draw Naruto

How to draw kuybi naruto

Drawing Popular Cartoon Characters: How to Draw Naruto

Below I put pictures, looking at which anyone can draw Naruto.

So, first you need to draw an oval of the face, then the eyes, mouth, eyebrows. Then ears and hair. At the end we draw the body, observing all the necessary proportions. And here are the pictures:

How to draw Naruto?

I would begin to draw from my face, in Naruto it is a little rectangular, but the chin is sharp, it can be finished later.

Conditionally divide your face into four parts, so it will be easier to draw parts of the face, eyes, nose, mouth. On his cheeks he seems to have a mustache. Browned, mouth is an ordinary arc, under which a couple of dashes.

How to draw Naruto?

Anime is now very popular, therefore, you often have to draw one character or the other with the kids.

Drawing Naruto, in principle, is not difficult.

First we outline the marking of the figure.How to draw Naruto?

Before you start drawing Naruto, carefully consider the characteristic features of the character’s face. Its features are large anime eyes that need to be particularly highlighted. The nose is very simple. Naruto’s hair is drawn using triangles. At the end, add its bandage. How to draw Naruto?

Draw Naruto in stages It can be as follows.

  1. First we draw an oval, which will become the basis for the character’s head.
  2. Next, draw a bandage, ear and neck.
  3. Now we draw Naruto’s face.
  4. We draw hair.
  5. We wash the auxiliary lines, decorate and the drawing is ready.

How to draw Naruto?

I found on the Internet how to draw Narrically in stages.

This is this picture – How to draw Naruto?

Naruto is an anime (manga). Therefore, drawing it is not difficult, or rather the heroes of this manga. In this drawing do not use bar shades and it is not complicated. There is such a template option by full -length stages using color:

How to draw Naruto?

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