How to fill the table ‘name of the tree/life expectancy’?

There are a huge number of different trees in the world. Most of them live about the same number of years, then they are aging, decrepit, almost like people and slowly dry.

Most trees live from 100 to 200 years old, berry shrubs and trees usually live a little less, for example, mountain ash lives an average of 80 years. But the spruce can live up to 500 years and remain strong.

But this does not mean that among trees even one species there can be no rare long -livers. So, we can read that birch lives an average of 150 years, but individual trees can easily step over and age at 300.

We make a table continuing the life of trees:How to fill the table ‘name of the tree/life expectancy’?

Passing through the park or in the forest we meet with many trees, but I wonder how many years they live? The age of the tree is often determined by the rings on the cut of its trunk – one dark and one light ring is one year of the life of a tree. There are long-lived trees, by the way, the oldest tree for more than 2000 years, but there are those that have been living only 5-7 years.

Fill in the table ‘name of the tree / life expectancy’

Cherries / 25 – 30 years

Wild apple tree / up to 200 years old

Kiparis / 100 – 125 years

Oak / from 200 years

Juniper / up to 600 years

Kedrovaya pine / up to 1000 years

Pear / 200 years

Thuja / 100 years

Fir / 150 – 200 years

For a tree, unlike a person, it is very difficult to call the average age of life. It depends on so many conditions. From the climate, from the area in which the tree grows, from the proximity of man and its buildings and from many other things. After all, even in one forest, some trees die quickly, others have been growing for centuries.

But of course there is some average age and we will indicate it in this table:

How to fill the table ‘name of the tree/life expectancy’?

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