How to go through the game ‘lost lands 1 – dark lord’?

We take a shoulder blade by the fire, we take a knife from the table, cut the rope on the basement. We get a fishing rod, throw it, get a wooden disk. We pass. The tree has a second disk, digging the ground with a spatula. Find the third disc. Put them on a tree, collect and rotate.

We take a dagger at the lantern, we go further. Find a weight, go back. We examine the bridge, fasten the weight, take a branch. Drive the birds from the Council. We read the inscription, use the bird to remove the door lock from the tree. We put it on the door. We go.

We get a map, find in the room butter, net, red disc on the floor, w8. We go to another room and collect objects. We get the head.

Put the load on the bridge, the chip is near the door in the groove. Head – on the door. We go, take the load, put it and pass it.

We take Tina, we pass. Cut the flower, play the game on the chest. For a quick victory, you must first build one disk, and only then – the second. We get a red disk, we see a crossbow, we need an arrow. Catch the fireflies with a set, cut off the root at the flower, we tear off the bark from the tree. Svetlyachkov sent to a wood flashlight. We inspect things, connect in pairs and get a nail. We cut off the mushrooms in the tree and make a notch, you need to find a container into which to collect juice. With a nail, we remove the oar, knock it down a cage, find a bottle, a diagram, collect juice into the bottle.

Put the components on the table. We cook lily and send it to the jug to the lake. I say with the heart I will get a rope with an arrow. I put it in a crossbow and shoot at the ship. We go.

We take a brush, an octagon, in the cabin we find the second. Right – game, use a diagram with a turtle. Find the last chip. Put them all in place. Put on colors, go.

We take a stick, read the note. We go to the stone, use a stick and see a red sailboat.

We go to the ship, lubricate the mechanism with oil, cut the thread on the cage, get the part. I put it on a chest in the hold. I go back, clean the dirt from the stone with a brush, I see a blue anchor. I put a blue anchor and a red ship on the chest. The picture has a green helm, I put it. I will get a pearl, I give it. I go through the bridge.

I take a stool leg, collect objects near the door. We get a crystal. We go to the mechanism with crystals, we fasten the new. Put the leg to the stool, we take a long board nearby. We put it in order to go along the bridge.

We take from the ground a bear, emerald, crumbs of bread, tongs. Throw the crumbs into the water, catch the fish with a net. We throw the fish to the bird, we get the key. We open the doors.

Cut the pillow, find part of the mosaic. We take off the oral oxy octagon.

Put part of the mosaic in the house on the floor, we go down. We get a crystal, put it to the rest. Click on the lever and go into the house.

We take a coin from the book, cut the picture with a knife. We get a fish figure. We go to the gate, use a bird to get a st1.

We go back to the house, take the shooter from the table and put in the clock. Put 6-10. We get a fish that we put on the game. We play. We get a bird figure. Under the table – the last leg of the stool, take it and climb it on the second floor. We take a stick, picture. We hang it on the ship. We play, we get a deer figure. Put all the figures in the grooves at the top of the laboratory. We rotate the pillars. I will get the key to the gate, I open them.

I take a torch from the barrel, in the barrel – the head of the statue. I go through. I take the handle, go to the house where they assembled a stool. We use a stick, connecting it with a part from the wall, we get a trunk. We use a trunk on a suspended bag. We get it and lever. We’ll turn the trolley over, find the resin. We melt it at the stake. Smile the torch and light up the torch. We use in the mine. We take a shovel, emerald, collect things. I will get dynamite. I go down.

Mode bag, take sapphire. We use a shovel, dig a gear and flag. Put the handle and get a pick. We break the wall. We get a coin.

We go to the bridge and put the gear. We pass. Find a corkscrew, put coins. We go to the ship, use a corkscrew on a barrel, get a torn page. Collect gunpowder in a bag. We collect a page in the hold. We get the position of warriors.

We put them, we get a passage. We collect objects. We get sapphire, go further, to the elevator. We take an emerald, broom, horn.

We go to stalactitis, put dynamite, set fire to a torch. Put the horn in the helmet, we get sapphire. We pass, select an emerald, put stones in axes. Click on the symbols that we saw on the flag. Find a note and the last octagon. We put everything in the first house.

Collect the chips on the dragon, we get the figure of the mainland and the solvent. We put a figure on a ship on a globe. Find the key.

We go to the statues with coins, find the second head of the statue of the statue on the right, from the left – growing in garbage to get the key. We go to the elevator, open it with the key. Remove the web with a broom, we get a scheme.

The second key open the green box on the street, I will get a magnet on the rope. I get them an object from the water in the house. We go to the laboratory, put it in the groove from above. I get a ball, remove the dirt from the book with a solvent. We see the order of pressing on the head. We go to the elevator. Click on the heads, the chain begins to move.

We go to the axes and put the ball, we speak with the hero. We take the gear, put in the elevator. There are only five of them, the smallest is easy to miss. And pull the lever.

We pass, go to the castle. We take a shovel, examine the tent. We get a selection, put the scheme on the gate. We rise, find a coal, a clean sheet. We go to the elevator, use items on the board. We go to the ship and put the scheme, we need more vessels.

We go to the first location of the castle, dig a hammer from the snow with a shovel, give the statue. We get the head, use the owl to get the valve. Put your head, collect figures. I will get pieces of mosaic. I collect coins at the castle, put the valve on the device on the roof of the castle. I put a mosaic at a large statue. I will get the chips, put them on the gate of locks and play. We go.

We get the key, take the sword with a grasp, next to – a symbol of fire. We go for the curtain – pull the swords, we get part of the bas -relief. We go to another part – we use a sword on ice, see a scheme and take an item. We go to the second floor, put the symbol in the book, use the Council in the main hall to get part of the bas -relief. We go left and open the door with a key.

We go to the game with the schemes. Green – on the fish, yellow – on halberds. We are talking to the hero. Put the ice in the fireplace, cut the cheese with a knife, take a symbol from the bed, go to the adjacent room. We get ticks, take out the object from the fireplace. Put a figurine by the bed, get chips and a note.

We go back, attract mouse cheese. Put the symbol in the gate at the gate. Let go of the rat to the snow leopard. Collect the burner on the airship and pick up the cups, the symbol. We take a symbol of air from the cylinder.

We go to the ship, collect the vessels in order. I will get a book, put in the laboratory. I will get a symbol of water.

We go to the green council at the beginning of the location, with a knife we remove part of the bas -relief. We remove the valve from the airship, put it on the roof of the lock on the device. We break the exposure of the airship. Put the chips on the floor in the central hall of the castle. We get the third door symbol and blade.

We open the doors. Collect the castle, get a symbol of the earth, put it to the rest in the book. I will get a needle and pressure indicator. We lower the lever. We use the needle on the airship, put the blade. We fly.

We take the rune near the gun, fall asleep into it. We take a kiyanka, core on the right, we first knock out the wheel right there. Throw the kernel into the gun. Put a wheel on it, beat with a kiyanka. We use a bird to get a ramrod that flying st1. We use it and shoot it.

We go into the house. We take part of the bas -relief, rune. We go upstairs, we find another rune and bas -relief.

We go to the castle, put the runes on the roof. We collect the pipeline. We direct the fire to the bird, take it and put it on the second. We get the order of the symbols that we put on the gate in the house. Click, talk to the spirit. I take a bas -relief, rails, flask, aconite. Collect things. I will get wolf berries.

I go to the dungeon and play the rails. I will get a circuit segment and part of the bas -relief.

Put the segment of the circle on the door in the house. Collect flowers. Let’s go, cut the roots. The bird brings the figure of the sun, put it in place in another room on the floor. We get a sign, put it in the bedroom in the castle. Find the glove and part of the bas -relief.

In the garden behind the leaves of a large flower we find a shoulder blade, dig a mandragor. We take a glove, find the key, open the cabinet for them. Find the recipe, pyramid and pipette. Put a pyramid near the planets. We arrange the planets, get a crown, put it on the statue. We go, take part of the mosaic, open the shell with a knife and take the pearl, collect water in the flask, take part of the bas -relief. We take the lens in flowers, collect buds. We collect objects in the gazebo, I will receive part of the scales. I put them in place. I play with coins, putting 4 coins on the right, and on the left – all the rest.

I use a pipette on a flower. I put a chip and play. I will get a flute and part of the bas -relief. I use a flute on a snake, I will get copper powder and scales. I am preparing the recipe. I give the potion. I will get a living st1.

I collect a bas -relief, I will get the blood of the dragon. I go to the laboratory, put the recipe and cook.

We go to the scales, put the lens from above, from the bottom – the flask, add the last component to the potion. We go to the statue and use the powder.

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