How to make a blue color?

You were unlucky. Blue color is the main color (along with yellow and red). If you ended green, then it could be made of two basic – yellow and blue. And here I don’t even know what to offer you. Try mixing purple (or fuchsia) with green.

How to make a blue color?

Blue color is the main color in an artistic sense. Therefore, getting a purely blue color by mixing paints unfortunately it is not possible.

From the table above, you see that having three basic colors, it is yellow, blue and red you can get a lot of diverse shades of colors. But these very basic three colors cannot be obtained by mixing them you need to have in your palette of colors.

Therefore, you will have to buy a blue paint, because it will not work to make a blue color from other colors.

It is usually believed that the blue color is the main color and get it, mixing other paints, it seems that it will not work. However, in the picture you can see that this is all – you can still.

How to make a blue color?

Blue is considered the main color, along with yellow and red, so getting pure blue by mixing paints will not work.

Can be pink and mixing blue ??? Depending on why you need a blue color, you can experiment.

Blue color, like yellow with red, are basic or in another way they are called primary colors. Therefore, these three colors can not be achieved when mixed with others, and only from them can you mix different colors and shades with others.

But in general, if you take a dark blue and mix it with white, then it turns out blue.

It is difficult to get a real, pure blue color by mixing paints. After all, blue is basic in the artist palette.

But try to mix the color of the Magent (or differently purple) with light blue, such a method will give such a shade of blue as a rather bright blue.

in water diluted starch, drip iodine and it blows! Determine the proportions yourself by eye.

You need to mix green and yellow, you get a blue beautiful color. Try.

We look at the table what colors will turn out if you mix different colors in color. If you mix yellow and red, then you can’t get a real blue color. the royal blue tone comes out more.

How to make a blue color?

There are colors in the color palette, which are basic – blue, red, yellow

So it’s blue – and get it is almost unrealistic

Only by some chemical manipulations

Just take it and with the help of colors you can’t make blue.

So it’s easier to go and buy blue paint in reserve – so to speak for the future.

Blue color, by mixing colors of other colors, will not work, so consider you unlucky. Blue, like red with yellow, are the main colors of the palette and recreate these colors from others will not work. So you will have to go to the store behind the blue paint.

I still remember from school lessons on drawing, the teacher told us, and then demonstrated how the colors are mixed. It was precisely remembered that blue the color is obtained when the two colors are mixed, namely green with yellow.

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