How to make a palette for mathematics with your own hands?

It is not difficult to make a palette for a primary school student. First of all, in the manufacture of a palette you need to choose the right material. Material for the manufacture of a palette should be transparent.

As a material, you can take transparent plastic from under the office envelope, or a dense cover for notebooks.

We draw a square with sides ten by ten centimeters, and then pour a square, draw parallel lines inside a square with a step equal to one centimeter. As a result of this particular, squares should be obtained with sides equal to the centimeter.

An example of a palette is given in the photo below.

How to make a palette for mathematics with your own hands?

We used to make palettes from old x -rays. They laundered them, soaked in warm water in advance and whispering the entire dark layer with a sponge. The film became transparent. Now for these purposes I think the usual transparent plastic pocket from the stand is good (leaflets are inserted into them)

After that, the lines were applied at a distance of one centimeter from one from the other, first the vertical then horizontal, constantly checking the distance between the parallels. The lines were pushed and drawn with an ordinary handle, if the pasta was erased over time, drawn again, refreshing the net.

You need to do this carefully and accurately, otherwise the palette will misinform you when calculating the area.

It is most convenient to use for the manufacture of a palette or transparent envelope, which is sold in stationery stores, or a transparent cover for books, it should be quite dense.

We cut out a square of ten by ten centimeters. Now it is necessary to pour it so that it turns out 100 squares with the sides of one centimeter, that is, pour our palette with lines in one centimeter both vertically and horizontally. There is nothing complicated in this. It is most convenient to spill.

Such a palette should turn out:

How to make a palette for mathematics with your own hands?

The palette can be done at home.

To do this, we need to take: a transparent material, it is best if it is a dense cover (I used a cover for a diary) or a plastic folder for a document, in which case your palette will be denser and will last much longer.

Now we draw a square, size – ten by ten centimeters.

It remains only to pour small squares in the square, each side of such a square should be 1 centimeter.

To make it easier to take a stencil and transfer it to the material from which the palette will be made. As an example, there may be such a palette.

How to make a palette for mathematics with your own hands?

Palette – the necessary device for determining the area of flat geometric shapes. It should be completely transparent. Usually it is made of transparent film, tracing paper, thin plastic. On these materials, a square with a side of 10 cm is drawn, which is poured into cells with a side of 1 cm, it is cut out. Everything, the palette is ready. The main thing is that it is even and neat, and also the markup on it is not erased. If the palette is drawn on tracing paper, then it can be glued into a cardboard frame so that it does not break when using. Two videos below you can see how the younger students make this palette.

In order to make such a convenient tool for measuring the areas, you need to take any transparent material, even an ordinary transparent film for a notebook, but it is still better than a denser base, for example, plastic, which goes along with the frames for photographs, and apply a grid on it,With a step that is necessary, for example, one centimeter or 5 millimeters. Usually take a square of 10 centimeters, the side of the square will be equal to the decimeter. The template can be seen below. Print it and transfer it to a dense basis- it is better with a marker or ballpoint pen if it is a simple cover.How to make a palette for mathematics with your own hands?

The palette, as already mentioned in this matter, is a very important assistant in the school life of the student. After all, this transparent sheet, on which you can see and if you create, independently apply an even grid (squares should be the same size, most often, 1 centimeter will be a side! The palette is designed so that the student can calculate the area of various figures. The schoolboy creates a palette, and in a very simple way. You should watch this video:

Mathematical palette serves to measure the area of figures. It is superimposed on the figure and is considered the number of full and not complete squares. The palette should be transparent and quite dense. Surely there is such a material at home, especially since the palette is small – 10 cm per 10 cm. Cut the square and draw it with a handle into squares 1 cm. The palette can be made from a transparent folder, file, some element of packaging material. How to make a palette for mathematics with your own hands?

You can not buy a palette, but make it yourself for example. It is made easily quite easily, the improvised materials of which can be made of a palette, every house has.

You need to take a dense cover for a notebook. It must be transparent. We cut out a square from the cover, 10 by 10. Next, the pen is drawing a net of 1 by 1 cm. As a result, you get 100 squares.

This is what a palette looks like.How to make a palette for mathematics with your own hands?

For the lesson of mathematics, you need to device to determine the size of geometric shapes – palette.

You can make it from a transparent film, better dense, for example, covers for books or notebooks. Mark the squares with a step in one centimeter, make markings with a pen or felt -tip pen. At the edges, apply square numbersHow to make a palette for mathematics with your own hands?

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