How to make a story a story on the topic ‘Birthday’ for grade 2?

Today Petit has the most wonderful holiday – he has a birthday today and his friends came with gifts to congratulate Petya. The boys came first and Sasha has already given his gift to Petya and now plays with a dog named Tobik, and Seryozha gives his gift to Petya and this is a wonderful designer of the aircraft, because Petya is engaged in airplane and loves to glue aircraft models. And here the girls came Tanya and Marina – they change clothes in the hallway and also rush to congratulate Petya on the day of birth. And in the room everyone is waiting for a beautifully served table with fruits and cake. After tea with a delicious cake, the children began to play charades, and then they began to make riddles. Time flew quickly and the evening came and Petya went outside to spend his friends. The holiday was very fun and the guys stayed in a good mood.

Birthday. Story for grade 2.

Today Mitya has a birthday and many friends came to visit him. Mitya stood elegant and beautiful at the door, met guests and of course received gifts.

The first came Kostya, who immediately began to play with the dog.

Andreika approached the second, who handed Mitya a large box – a designer, a model of a glider, which Mitya liked to collect.

-This is from us with girls, said Andreyka.

And after him Nastya and Dasha were already crowded at the door, Nastya took off the fur coat, and Dasha Ugg.

-I ask everyone to the table – Mitya said importantly.

And the table was already breaking the treats that Mitina Mitin prepared. There was a huge cake in the center of the table and many fruits – apples, pears, avocados and pineapple.

Mityi’s birthday should be excellent.

So this long -awaited birthday has come. The boy, whose name was Vitya, was waiting for friends today to visit to celebrate. He knew that he would give him gifts today, and he really dreamed of an airplane or constructor. Mom covered it on the table, baked a cake, delicious salads, and put fruits. They called the doorbell, and all his friends were on the threshold. They began to take off. Girls were in beautiful dresses. One of his classmates had already congratulated and began to greet Poosik Viti, who also met guests and was very friendly. Vitya saw that Misha was holding him up a assembly designer, on the box of which the aircraft is depicted.

  • This is a prefabricated aircraft, you really dreamed of it, happy your birthday! – Holding the box said Misha. The birthday person was just delighted and in the seventh heaven with happiness. This day was very fun, the guys celebrated, ate fruits, drank tea and had fun. Then Vitya gathered a plane and they played together. How to make a story a story on the topic ‘Birthday’ for grade 2?

    The most joyful day in the life of every boy and every girl is a birthday.

    Finally Vova waited for this cherished day. The boy was carefully preparing for this event: he planned the daily routine, distributed invitations. As a result, his closest friends came to him, only four people: two boys and two girls. The curly Stepka was divided before everyone else, and while the rest were still at the threshold, he welcomed Vova’s dog, a funny black animal named Kukush.

    Maxim was the most impatient among the guests, he did not even have time to undress, as he handed Vova his gift – a plane -designer. The birthday person gladly accepted a gift from the guys. Girls, as expected, lagged a little, did everything slowly, because it is important to maintain beauty. In the background, a table with fruits, flowers and a cake is visible, and very soon the guys will go to take away the dishes and congratulate the birthday time again!

    Today our Vasya had a birthday, he was already eight years old. On this day, Vasya invited his best friends, Seryozha, Valera, Masha and Katenka to visit. The guys came for a birthday and brought a gift with them. So Seryozha, from all the guys, gave Vasya a large box in which there was a puzzle with the image of the aircraft. Everyone in the classroom was fond of this occupation, so the guys decided to give Vasya such a birthday gift.

    Valera, immediately ran to say hello to the dog, with which Vasya often walked in the yard. The girl’s outerwear was removed near the doors. Vasya was very glad that the guys came to his holiday and therefore invited everyone to the table on which fruit and cake were already standing. All the guys had a good mood and they had a great time.

    Boy Vani’s Birthday. He set the table and invited the best friends. All of them in high spirits came to visit Vanya and brought gifts.

    Vanya first met guests as a owner. He remembered that everyone needs to pay attention, be polite and make sure that the guests would not miss. But so far he has not yet very much experience. He stared at a large box with a gift that Kostya brought, and forgot that the girls had to help undress in the hallway. But friends, it seems, did not notice his oversight. They told the birthday a lot of pleasant words, from which everyone still had warmth in their souls. Even the dog has fun with the tail of the classmates of her master.

    Vanya hospitably invited everyone to the table.


    Birthday – a bright holiday that you want to share with friends. Therefore, in the morning, Stas was preparing to receive guests. Mom also did not lose time: she baked a delicious cake for him, bought an elegant costume and covered it on the table.

    The boy called classmates in advance. The guys came with gifts, left things in the hallway and immediately congratulated the birthday man on his birthday. Misha’s best friend handed Stas a large box with a designer where the aircraft model lay.

    The holiday was very fun. The children played with a bob, ate a cake, treated themselves to fruits and played a lot. Stas was pleased with the time spent, and the guys promised him that he would definitely call him to visit his birthdays.

    Pasha has a big event today – he was 10 years old. He invited not only his friends, but also classmates to visit. At the appointed time, the guys did not force themselves to wait and began to come. The very first one came Tolik. He undressed and going into the room decided to play with the dog. Mitya gave Pasha the designer by which it was possible to build a model of the aircraft. He knew the hobbies of Pavlik by aviation. Two girlfriends Masha and Tanya also came. Pavel and Masha sat in the class at the same desk and he really liked her. He of course was very glad that she agreed to come to his birthday. When the guests were all assembled by Pasha, he invited everyone to the table.

    The story ‘Birthday’ for grade 2.

    Petya has a birthday today. He was 8 years old.

    Great mood appeared in the morning. Petya prepared to meet the guests and, together with his mother, covered the festive table. They put flowers, fruits and cake on the table.

    And here the guests came! Petya met them joyfully, with a smile. Seeing a lot of children, he was very delighted and turned his tail with his tail, and even handed his paw Misha. Friends gave Petya the designer, which he had long dreamed of.

    The children spent a lot of time, they laughed, talked and played in different interesting games. Everyone really liked the holiday. And especially Petya was especially happy.

    (Vasya or Sasha…) loves his birthday very much. He has a lot of friends. Therefore, on his birthday (Vasya, Sasha…) the guys always come. So it was this year. Classmates came. (Vasya, Sasha…) was very happy. Best friend Nikita Vasya, Sasha…) met with (Vasin, Sashin…) a dog nicknamed a friend. My friend even gave a paw Nikita. Andrey gave (Vasya, Sasha…) the designer for the assembly of a large aircraft. The guys together collected the plane. Then the children drank tea with a cake. They had a good time.

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