How to make the “hedgehogs’ from minced meat do not fall apart in a pan?

Hedgehogs from minced meat are one of your favorite dishes in our family. At a minimum cost – time is a delicious and hearty dish. For its preparation, you need: minced meat, rice, onions, garlic, egg, spices. The rice is boiled until half -cooked, slightly cooled, mixed with minced meat, add a finely chopped onion, a garlic, egg, and spices missed through a cripple there. I will definitely add two tablespoons of potato starch to this composition, since I do not collapse the hedgehogs in flour, and they never fall apart. Then I lubricate the baking sheet with oil, I put the hedgehogs in a row, pour it with sour cream and ketchup sauce and bake in the oven. With quickness, to mix all the ingredients and form hedgehogs for 15 minutes and baking 20-25 minutes.

In order to make miners from minced meat when frying in a pan in a pan, you must add a raw egg to the minced meat, this will make the minced meat more viscous. Also, do not digest rice and form them well, and collapse in front of the hot ‘Hedgehogs’ in panning crackers.

I cook ‘Hedgehogs’ in the oven, they do not fall apart and turn out juicy.

How to make the “hedgehogs’ from minced meat do not fall apart in a pan?

So that the Hedgehogs from meat minced meat do not fall apart, the following rules must be followed:

  1. The minced meat should be homogeneous, kneaded well. If it is rude, then twist it again, knead, recapture. If this does not help, then add a raw egg.
  2. Rice Dollen to be boiled until half -cooked.
  3. Sculpt ‘hedgehogs’ only hands moistened in water. It is better to put a bowl next to it with cold water and moisten your palms. If you add fried onions to the minced meat, then let the oil drain, otherwise the mass will be loose.
  4. Fry ‘hedgehogs’ only in hot oil, but a little, 30 seconds on one side, 30 seconds on the other. To be ready to bring in a pan under the lid.

So that the hedgehogs do not fall apart, the correct proportions must be observed:

1) rice and onion should not be more than meat

2) rice should be almost boiled

3) be sure to add an egg to the minced meat

The quality of the minced meat also affects the result. It is best to buy natural minced meat, without additives.

As an alternative to cutlets, I often prepare from meat minced meat ‘hedgehogs and rice. I make minced pork and beef, add rice boiled to half -consumed to it and still whipped chicken protein, salt and spices to taste. Carcass until cooked in the oven in meat broth.

So that the hedgehogs do not fall apart, I put the egg first in the minced meat, and I definitely make them with my wet hands. If you fry the hedgehogs, and not extinguish, then you can first roll them in panning crackers. Also, so as not to fall apart, it is necessary at the beginning in boiling oil to a heated pan. We do not forget about the egg because it acts as the gluing texture of the mincedrs ‘hedgehogs’. If there is a lot of minced meat, then add a few raw eggs already. It is also worth observing the recipe, for example, do not digest rice and take a certain hedgehogs, I like to use the long -grain to use it so that it sticks like needles and the dish really looks like hedgehogs.

How to make the “hedgehogs’ from minced meat do not fall apart in a pan?

Hedgehogs are a very tasty and fast dish, in haste.

In order for the formed balls – the hedgehogs do not lose their shape during frying in a pan, first of all, they need to be put not raw, but boiled, fresh rice.

Secondly, it is necessary to add an egg to the minced meat, it will help to contact the minced meat, and thirdly, ready for the minced meat, before forming hedgehogs, you need to repel goodly.

Only after that we form hedgehogs and proceed to their frying.

Yes, the eggs agree give a good ‘bunch’. But I cook hedgehogs without eggs, like cutlets. When you sculpt the hedgehogs, then cross them from hand to hand and they will become denser and moisten your hands all the time with cold water. By the way, instead of rice, it’s nice to add buckwheat (you can bended). If you make hedgehogs in a pan, then do not pour water immediately – let them slightly brown. And then you can extinguish.

‘Hedgehogs’ in my family love, I cook this dish from time to time.

So that the Hedgehogs do not fall apart, you need to always take meat more than rice.

Also, rice must be boiled until half -cooked, it must be underglassed.

We take the mixing rice with minced meat and begin to sculpt ‘hedgehogs’, we need to form them very carefully, we transfer them from hand to hand several times.

In addition, they need to be dumped in flour.

After that, the ‘hedgehogs’ or fry in a pan or bake in the oven.

Previously, my hedgehogs constantly fell apart. Only after. As well as I began to form them with wet handles, they did not begin to fall apart in any way. I do not put the testicle in any way, but I complement the grated carrots, the beam and a little mayonnaise. Boil.

So that the Hedgehogs do not fall apart use the panic in the form of breadcrumbs or flour.

We take minced meat, form the ‘hedgehogs’ well, then we dwell on the panic, now you can fry them.

If the ‘hedgehogs’ break up, then just add more breading.

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