How to move houses on Tverskaya

How to move houses on Tverskaya

In the thirties, a miracle happened on the streets of Moscow – movable real estate appeared. At home we got on the rails and went to new places of their permanent stay.

The first house in Moscow was moved in 1897 with horse traction. And more than 30 years later, a real boom in the movement of buildings began. A special trust in disassembling and moving buildings was even created.

How to move houses on Tverskaya

Why did you need the movement of houses in Moscow on the Tver

In 1937, it was decided to reconstruct the capital of the USSR. She suggested the expansion of the main streets, including the Tver. For this, some buildings would have to be demolished on it. But no one wanted to do this. The fact is that many buildings subject to demolition in those years were architectural monuments.

Therefore, the specialists of the metro -building proposed a fresh decision. They developed a plan how to save the buildings, simply by moving them. The movement of houses in Moscow was engaged before. For example, in 1897 the mansion of Evgenia Mc Gil was moved. To move the multi -ton house used rollers and rails, as well as horse traction. Similar technology was used in the thirties, only significantly improved.

How was transported at home on Tverskaya

Under the leadership of Emmanuel Handel, Trust engineers came up with truly innovative technology. To move buildings, it was not necessary to evict residents and cutting communications. Moreover, many residents of movable houses did not even notice anything! But how was it possible?

Before moving the house, the rails leading to the new place were laid next to it. After the building was separated from the foundation using cables and built around the base of the frame. This frame was put on special rinks, and the building itself moved with winch. The jacks helped his movement.

As mentioned above, when the house was moving to the Tver and other streets, they did not block the communications. Even if the house was driving along the rails, light burned in it, there were water and heating. Experts simply connected a new temporary communications system using rubber pipes. The course of houses on rails was carried out at night, and many residents did not even feel it.

How to move houses on Tverskaya

The most complex projects of the trust and movement of buildings

A large test for engineers was the movement of the Savinsky courtyard on the Tver. In no case could the house be destroyed, since it was an architectural monument. All work was carried out under the guise of reconstruction. Preparation for the movement of this building lasted a long four months. The main problem was the mass of the house – unthinkable 23,000 tons. But also coped with this task. The house at a speed of ten kilometers per hour was moved in just one night. At the same time, his tenants did not even wake up.

And in 1940 I had to move the building of the Moscow City Council on Tver. The uniqueness of this house move in Moscow was that he was moved along with the basement. During the movement, none of the officials stopped his work. Surgeons of the eye hospital on the corner of Mamonovsky Lane and Gorky did not stop working. This building was removed into the depths of the quarter and expand 97 degrees.

The last major movement of the building in Moscow was the crossing of the Chekhov Theater in 1983. It was divided into two parts, while increasing the area of the auditorium. And the scene was first moved 25 meters, and then – by 12.

After this global movements of buildings in Moscow there was. The writer Agnia Barto even perpetuated this grandiose work in the work “House moved”. The book with him parted with a huge circulation, and both adults and children quoted the verse.

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