How to quickly pump to the fifth level in heaven?

Yes, everything is extremely simple.The fastest way is to buy this very fifth level, the so -called donation.Well, if without investments, then everything is more complicated here.We’ll have to join the process and, most importantly, every day to periodically go and amaze the game for the presence of energy that happens, oh, how often there is not enough.You need to know 2 points:

  • primarily pump a tree in order to increase the number of licenses for the collection of resources from other islands.It will also give an occasion to the construction of a more powerful mine, in which the level will actually be filled, but partly.After all, only in the mine does everything fall, crystals, energy, diamonds and experience.Fortunately, now the update has been done for excellent things, with which you can kill mobs above yourself almost at 5-6 levels, namely for a beginner.
  • And another, go into the game every time you spend your energy.And it resumes quickly, you can make mobs almost without interruption.There are so weak, but the level is large that Lvl will fly to God.There is a meager option in the arena, the most advanced, but you need experience, and the newcomer will not figure it out, and at least normal clothes.

Therefore, I advise the usual native pumping.For a car car, they are banned, as well as for similar actions, so it’s not necessary to invent anything, they have already done for you already))

When I just started playing heaven, I also thought that I would never get to level 5. In fact, the game is delaying does not even notice how you already find yourself at level 5.

In order to quickly go the path to level 5, you need to pump a tree on your heavenly island, attack weaker monsters on other islands, search caves and collect images. New Year is nearing, and the creators most likely prepare new tasks for the players, performing which you can well pump the level.

If you want to reach the fifth of the game of heaven very quickly, then first of all you need to kill cave worms, so you will gain the most experience. With the help of diamonds, you can also grow quickly. Search different places and do not forget to improve the tree.

Indeed, the easiest way to pump up to 5 levels, and above, is to buy a level. But you have to lay out a tidy sum of diamonds (game currency). If you are not interested in blessing, pump the character, participating in battles with monsters. The easiest way to pump like this is to improve the cave, give an order of magnitude more experience for the victory over cave worms, and with excavations in the cave, experience may fall out (in the form of a green star). Also, for many medals, they give experience, study them and swing in a certain direction. Good luck) I’m at 8 ur-not, we’ll meet there))

Until the fifth level in the game ‘Heaven’, you need to pump up to 5 levels in order to get free v. There is one advice: you need to raise a tree to 3 as soon as possible, as well as win as many battles with worms in the cave. Then you will fall free armor that needs to be disassembled and sold. For the received funds to buy more steep uniforms from neighbors and win battles with real rivals. You can still pump all the improvements to at least up to 2-3 levels.

And now who got to my comment listen carefully, do not download a lot of mines. If we assume you have 5 lvl and mine 8, then you can’t kill worms in your life . They are all much more pumped than you, have a deadly rank and to drive it out to pay 6,000 crystals . Leave it by 5-6 and slowly kill, and have 2 sets of armor on simple mobs and stronger mobs, believe me to break expensive armor about any shushir more expensive .

In the game ‘Heaven’ you can immediately be the fifth level – but it will be a paid service. And in the case, if you yourself want to go through the game to the fifth level, then you will have to sweat and constantly attend the game, protect and ‘download ”your tree, collect game resources as often as possible. It is also very good to use cave worms (cave worms) destroying them often – there will be a lot of game experience.

There are several ways how to quickly pump in this game to the level you need.

The first method is the most costly: buy a level.

The second way is to kill as many cave worms as possible, while you will wake up experience.

The third way is a medal, you can also get experience for them.

For quick pumping to the fifth level, win cave worms, get more experience for it. The more medals there will be, the greater the likelihood of additional experience to get. Or by investing money, you can buy the desired level. But it is better to play than invest money.

In the game ‘Heaven’, you can quickly drive to the fifth level by searching for caves by killing monsters, killing cave worms. Also do not forget to pump a tree, this will increase the possibility of collecting resources on other islands. Also, the level can just be bought.

You can pump in the game of heaven quickly and in a completely legal way, without Danat. It is best to kill cave worms, so you will move faster, while earning a lot of medals and experience in the game.

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