How to say ‘good morning’?

Greetings with good morning! The most common in Russia, because people meet every day most often in the morning, on the way to work, or even at home, at breakfast. Therefore, the wish of good morning implies a good start and continuation of the day. It only promises good. This is a beautiful expression that I really like. But of course it can be replaced with other wishes or greetings. For example, you can say neutrally, you can ask how to sleep?, Or casually quit hello how you are?

And you can use the famous lines of Athanasius Fet, which seemed specially created for morning greeting:

How to say ‘good morning’?
How to say ‘good morning’?

If you say, you need a ‘good morning’ (as if with these words), then for originality try to give a greeting pompous-festive intonation, for example. Or bring your hands to the sky (preferably towards the sun, as if showing that it really has already risen). That is, tell it a funny tone, with funny, funny gestures. You can smile too widely. It can also be funny.

And if you mean that the words ‘good morning’ need to be replaced with any others, then this is what comes to mind:

  • ‘Congratulations in dawn!’.
  • ‘New (you) day, good and prosperous’.
  • ‘Happy morning!’.

Indeed, “Hello ‘and” Good Morning’ very often I want to dilute with something original. This is especially true for the present time, when virtual communication is so common, not real. Still, it is one thing when you tell a person these words in life, and another, when you simply write them with messages.

So, What can be said instead of ‘good morning’:

  • Greetings, sucking you!
  • Oooh, the ray of the sun looked out.
  • Hello on this cloudy (gloomy) day.
  • Rise, forward to accomplishments.
  • Stand for charging.
  • In the morning you are glorious and pleasant in every way.
  • Wake up, smile, get ready for work (to visit me).
  • Salutics, Early Ptashka.
  • What people! Without you, the sun does not peek out (the day does not start).
  • A glorious new day.
  • With the unique September 23rd you (just substitute the current date).

How to say ‘good morning’?

If you do not want to just say “good morning”, ‘good morning’, then say so briefly:

  • “Good morning and successful day ‘.
  • “Morning of a peppy to you ‘.
  • ‘Salute of the day.
  • ‘Good weather for the whole day’.
  • ‘Long live the new day’.
  • “Good morning Monday (any day of the week) ‘.

And a little more authentic:

  • ‘Let this morning bring the wind of good changes’.
  • ‘With a beautiful morning you, delight me with a smile’.
  • ‘The sun rose high, his ray caresses your face, good morning to you’.
  • ‘In the morning of a good, good day, and take care of the evening for me’.
  • ‘Congratulations on the start of a new day in which you haven’t lived yet’.
  • ‘Morning Active, Progressive Day, Prospective Evenings’.

Words as ‘good morning’ is like wishes in the first words of the beginning. Immediately after words, the mood rises in the morning. You can also wish a person;Get up, a wonderful day has come!), the morning tapped the window again, wake up!), whispered the alarm clock, get up!), how pleasant it is to motivate birds!), the sun crumbles)!….

You can come up with anything, and say pleasant words as it regards the morning 🙂 When you say good words in the morning, I want the weather to be good, clear and sunny on the street. When it rains or rain outside, of course there will be not such a mood, if you wish, “good morning ‘..:)

Wish “Good morning!” – it is unlikely that you can replace the other phrase. She is universal for all occasions – when you welcome friends of relatives, just acquaintances, or your work colleagues.

To the “good morning” you can only add something from yourself:

  • Kind the wounds I eager for you! (This is in Belarusian, I think that you do not need to translate);
  • Meet a new day!
  • Good morning, good morning, and a good day!
  • Let this day be as kind for you as this morning.

Get up, sir, great achievements await you! (add a little humor).

Op… The face shows that the morning is not good, but still… Wake up!

Good morning, e…, More precisely, good evening! (wish January 1).

Good morning! Well, what look at an unkind look, get up!

You can say this:

‘With a vigorous morning’.

‘Hello, how slept’.

‘I love the beginning of a new day, with a good morning’.

‘Hello, Sonya! The new day has already begun ‘.

“Good morning and great mood”.

‘We meet a new day together’.

“Good morning, the day will be no less kind”.

It is original to say ‘good morning’ in the following words and image:

  • Greetings at the beginning of this good day.
  • The morning began, which means good time, since our life continues.
  • Hello and congratulations on entry into life in the format of a new bright morning and day!

You can just ‘morning’, or ‘good’.

You can just say ‘hello’.

Or the ‘most likely morning’, ‘hello to the sun’ and all that kind.

In general, the wish of good morning does not require some originality, this is education, I think that it’s enough to say as it is.

If the one you welcome read books about the worlds of Chaos Elena Star, then you can tell him:

  • Dark morning;
  • Nightmares;
  • Horrors to you;
  • Successful curses.
  • Gloomy day

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