How to: shine or devote? Examples of use?

It will be correct, both to “shine ‘and” devote’. This word is written in different ways.

In order not to make mistakes and choose the right option for writing, just pay attention to the meaning of the sentence:

  • ‘to shine’ is used in the meaning of the word ‘light / shine / light something’ – shine with a flashlight, otherwise it is dark and nothing is visible;
  • ‘devote’ is used in the meaning of ‘holiness/holy/devote to anything’ – we will devote the current topic of the lecture to integrates.

If you correctly decide on the topic of the sentence, then when writing problems will not arise.

It is possible to use these two words. The choice will depend on their lexical meaning.

The word ‘shine’ was formed from the word ‘. Matters to ‘make lighter’.

Examples of proposals:

  • I shone a flashlight into the depths of the corridor.
  • The girl shone on a dark staircase.

The word ‘dedicated’ was formed from the word ‘saint’.

Examples of sentences with this word will be as follows:

  • The poet devoted his poetic work to his teacher.

When writing words to shine and devote you to distinguish between the meaning of these words and understand them in the correct sense of the word. The word ‘shine’ came from the word ‘light’. As an example: shine with a light bulb, flashlight. But the word ‘devote’ from the word of the saint, that is, something close in meaning, for example, devote memory to the heroes of the Great Patriotic War, the great writer.

Words “Get” And ‘dedicate’ have different meaning. In fact, these are two completely different words that differ only in one letter, which makes them very similar and can provoke a mistake. And so they are both right.

Word “Get” It matters to give light for a while, provide lighting. Example: If you shine in the direction of the forest by the spotlight, then rare spruce and birches become clearly visible.

The word is ‘dedicate’ means completely different: 1) in detail about something to inform, reveal the secret. Example: I told her my dreams and devoted to my plans for the near future.

2) spend something for some purpose, work. Example: I decided to devote my whole life to serving the Fatherland.

3) take it in some dignity or title. Example: It is time to devote Sir Gallahad to knights.

These are different words and are written in different ways. The word ‘shine’ came from the word ‘light’. If you mean something associated with light, for example, shine with a flashlight, shine with a light bulb – then we are fundamentally writing the letter ‘e’.

The word ‘devote’ related to the word ‘holiness’. Example: devote life, devote your work, devote this song. The letter ‘I’ is written in this root.

The words ‘dedicate’ and ‘shine’ have different lexical meanings. The word ‘devote’ has a meaning ‘in honor of someone’, and the word “ shore ‘denotes’ direct light somewhere’. The spelling of the word ‘devote’ is checked by the word ‘holy’, and the spelling of the word ‘shine’ is checked by the word ‘Light’. Examples of sentences: The poet devoted his poem to his mother. The young man shone a flashlight on an unknown item.

Depending on what context to use this word.

If you want to say, for example, ‘spill the light’, then “shut up ‘. Example, ‘shut up on the road’.

And if you mean holiness, faith, then say correctly to ‘devote’. Example, ‘Devote to him your whole life’ or ‘we need to devote Easter.

Depending on the semantic load in the Russian language, the use of both the words ‘devote’ and ‘shine’ is acceptable.

Below I propose to get acquainted with the meaning of the data of two words and apply the “I ‘and’ e ‘in them in the remote beech, depending on the meaning invested in them.

How to: shine or devote? Examples of use?

To shine – from the word ‘light’, examples:

I asked me to shine with a flashlight.

Lyudmila said there was nothing to shine.

Devote – from the word ‘holy’ (holiness, holy), examples:

The king dedicated us to knights.

The poet dedicated a new verse to his friend’s wife.

The fact is that the words ‘shine’ and ‘devote’ are different words and use in different senses. If you need to say: ‘How dark is it! That’s it Get shredder here’. Then in this case we write the letter e. From the word ‘light’. But if I need to say: ‘We need dedicate Petya to students’. Then we write the letter I. Because this is already a dedication to something.

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