How to write a brief review on the fairy tale ‘Red Red Riding Hood’ for grade 2?

I believe that the feedback on the fairy tale ‘Red hat’ should start like this:

The fairy tale Charles Perrault ‘Red Red Riding Hood “was written by the author in 1697 and has since many times reprinted, becoming a favorite children’s fairy tale of many generations of children.

The plot of this fairy tale cannot leave anyone indifferent, because it has a tragedy, and a happy ending.

The main characters of the fairy tale are a red cap, a little girl, whose credulity almost ended tragically, a grandmother, an old sick woman who opened the door without looking into the peephole, and a wolf, an insatiable predator.

The main thing in this fairy tale is that the good still won, no matter how toothy and dangerous evil.

If the review on behalf of the child of grade 2, then I think it should be easier.

The tale of Charles Perrault Everyone knows. The author wrote it more than 300 years ago, but so far it still teaches children the basics of security.

Mom, who sent a red hat to visit a sick grandmother, most likely warned her not to walk through the forest and not to talk with strangers.

But, the girl inadvertently told the wolf that she was going to a sick grandmother.

The cunning wolf had the opportunity to eat 2.

It’s good that hunters passed by, adults who can be trusted. Helped a girl and grandmother.

The fairy tale ‘Red hat’ tells that You can’t go to dangerous places and talk with unfamiliar. It can be dangerous. But, if you are in trouble, then call for the help of adults. Responsive people will always be found and help.

How to write a brief review on the fairy tale ‘Red Red Riding Hood’ for grade 2?

Feedback on the fairy tale Charles Perrault ‘Red Hat’.

I have known the fairy tale. When I did not know how to read it, my grandmother and mother read it to me. This is one of my favorite fairy tales. I always listened to her with interest, but the time came – and I myself was able to read it.

Most of all I liked the main character – kind, affectionate, bold girl. She made a big mistake – she entered into a conversation with a predator, told where she goes and how to calmly enter the grandmother’s house – this is a lesson for readers – you can’t do this!

But thanks to lumberjacks, grandmother and red cap were saved!

I love fairy tales with a good end! Be sure to read the ‘Red Hat’ ‘!

Feedback on the fairy tale ‘Red hat’, author Charles Perrault.

The fairy tale ‘Red hat’ makes an unforgettable impression. In this fairy tale, a little girl in a red cap goes to visit her grandmother and meets a terrible wolf who will know where her grandmother lives.

The author throughout history holds the reader in suspense not allowing to guess how the fairy tale will end and when the last hope would seem to be lost, an unexpected, but absolutely fabulous finale.

This wonderful fairy tale will give you many minutes of unforgettable pleasure and joy that everything will end well.

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