How to write a plan for a message on the topic in the first printer workshop?

Of course, the workshop of the first printer is very different from the modern sparkling light and the printing machine noisy, but something in them still has a common.

First of all, these are books that print the principle of printing there.

Only a few people, two or three masters and several apprentices, usually boys who performed the simplest job worked in the first printer workshop.

In such a workshop, there was a rather large printing machine, and there were numerous sets of printed letters, which were recruited by individual words. Printing Granks lay everywhere and handwritten books and individual pages scored were scattered.

The first prinners themselves were engaged in bleaching paper, drying, weaving books.

It was a responsible and long work. That is why the first books were very few and each printed book became a big event.

The first printing houses in Europe began to appear at the end of the 15th century, but in Rus’ the printed business began to develop the efforts of Ivan Fedorov in the mid -16th century.

The workshop of Ivan Fedorov was little like a regular modern printing house, all the books were gaining manually and it was hard work. At first, the first printer had to type the text using special typographic slap and letter, and the text was typed in a mirror reflection. Then the page scored using a special printing machine or the press turned into a page page. Separate pages were checked and sewn.

Only a few people were engaged in this work, under the supervision of the first printer himself.

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