How to write an essay: how to teach the younger generation generosity?

First we decide on the concept of which we will discuss. Generosity. Everyone has a soul, but not everyone has a large, wide soul, the warmth of which is enough for everyone: acquaintances and unfamiliar, relatives and strangers, living at the same time with us, departed and not yet born. In order to become generous, you yourself need to receive a charge of kindness and love from your own parents, then you inherit this excellent human quality from them, becoming a constant source of heat for everyone around. It does not bring up permissiveness from good parents loyal to their children, but true love, demanding and wise. If the child sees a sample of generosity, experiences his influence, then he learns this. Help the neighbor convey bags, intercede for the baby, who is offended, forgive the resentment, feed homeless animals – these are an incomplete list of things that form this quality.

There should not be such a thing in the family that mother or grandmother works, and the child rests, otherwise he will grow up with an egoist, and selfish are not generous. Mom strokes linen, and the child wipes dust, folds things on her shelf – this is the example of how it should be that the baby is not growing up with a lazy selfish. First of all, he must learn to love, regret, value loved ones, make them pleasant, take care of them, then we can talk about the attitude to strangers. So kindness and generosity are gradually growing up.

You can teach your own example to be generous, or on the example of other people, literary heroes. It is important for everyone to realize our dependence on each other, it is important to learn how to be kind, forgive others with small misconduct, and not give will irritation. These qualities need to be preferred when raising children.

For example, it would be nice, together with children, read the work ‘Mother Human’. And then discuss the family in the circle, how would the fate of the children who were guessed to her house in difficult times, without her participation and disinterested assistance.

The main character showed true generosity, despite the difficulties that she had to endure.

An example from a completely different area. Garria Potter, left without parents, does not at all become evil. On the contrary, a good boy, he becomes defended by the weak. He was helped not to break the inner rod, and smart teachers from the school of magicians convinced him to use his gift to the benefit of people.

Thus, with these examples, one can make sure that generosity can form under the influence of good deeds of others and critical work on oneself.

Raising generosity is not easy, especially in a country that promotes the cult of power. But if this is not done, then you can turn into insensitive animals and return to the cave age.

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