If you want bread – what does a person lack in the body?

Why do you want bread?

The most common reason why a person wants bread is a lack of nitrogen. This substance is contained in large quantities in foods rich in proteins, for example, meat, fish, cottage cheese, legumes and nuts. Therefore, you can eat protein foods and bite all this with a fragrant bread.

And I read with Louul Viilma that if I want to eat products obtained from wheat, then a person has a great interest in studying the surface wisdom of life, a person wants to know more, become more wise. And if rye – then there are deep wisdom of life.

In general, bread really lowers pH, as another author wrote here. Therefore, it needs to be compensated by alkaline foods: vegetables, fruits, herbs, herbs, water. Roughly speaking, I ate 100 grams of bread – drink 2 cups of water or eat half a kilo of fruit of some fresh. 🙂 And so you can eat bread, only better not a store, but your own. I have my own bread.

Bread, especially the one that is sold in stores by no means a useful product. In order to eat one piece of bread, you need to push away 100 times from the floor. The current bread simply stupidly fills the stomach, it is mucopolysaccharide, leading to the acidification of pi ash of the body, and this can lead to cancer. There is nothing useful in store bread, so the craving for eating bread is just a bad habit, which you need to refuse to quickly and forever.

If a person wants bread, perhaps the body lacks food. This happens if a person in difficult life circumstances or sits on a diet or tries to lose w8.

Often if you want bread, the body lacks vitamin B6.

If you want bread – what does a person lack in the body?

The fact is that if you want to eat some product, this means that the body lacks some specific vitamin or trace element, the body, so we signaling us.

If you want bread, then there is not enough nitrogen, usually the lack of this element is provoked by diets, because flour is a product that should be excluded from your diet, if you are on the diet. And if the diet is dragged out, then the body simply requires bread.

You can, instead of bread, eat a handful of nuts (peanuts, cashew, hazelnuts) or eat something from legumes (beans or peas).

But also, you can eat a piece of bread, since the body requires, then you need.

In the body of every person there is a set of vitamins and minerals that he needs for life. And proven when there is a desire to eat bread for no reason, it does not get nitrogen and vitamin group B. In this case, you need to eat protein products and then such a craving will disappear.

You always need to listen to the clues of your body and body in order to understand what does not get it in one case or another.

The desire is always connected with the lack of anything. For example I want chocolate, this is a sign that there is not enough magnesium for nervous impulses. I want a boiled language of meat, this is a sign of a lack of phosphorus and so on. Our body always gives a hint.

There are situations when the body focuses our attention to certain products. We don’t even think about why we show interest sometimes even not quite attractive products. In fact, our body thus gives signals about the lack of some vitamins, minerals or organic compounds. Such a desire is caused by a lack of nitrogen in the body. It is necessary to introduce into the daily diet foods rich in protein are fish, meat, nuts, cottage cheese.

When a person becomes bread, it is worth considering – perhaps he is not?

This is if from a simple point of view to answer.

And if with medical and scientific, then when a person wants to eat a lot of bread, it is about a lack of nitrogen in the body.

It is necessary to include in the diet: cottage cheese, necessarily meat and fish.

In addition to all of the above about the malnutrition and lack of ozot in the human body, you can add that it is necessary to want bread due to the main dish. Suppose a person wanted to eat stupid, but what kind of soup without bread or want sausages, you also can not do without bread. Fresh products also look more appetizing than the products have already fed on our table, since yesterday. At the sight of hot bread, with a rosy crust, it is difficult to resist.

Bread contains the necessary trace elements, B vitamins, some add iodine. If you want bread, then there is not enough element in the body. Perhaps there are not enough carbohydrates, which are saturated with bread, or dietary fiber (if you want bread from bran or coarse flour).

Usually, if you want to eat bread, it means that the human body needs such a trace element as nitrogen.

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