In India, a group of tourists went fishing… where to read the sequel?

When I read the beginning of your question, I thought that we are talking about some kind of news incident. But a little fumble on the Internet, I still found a continuation of this nightmare history. You can read it for example, here.

Now on the Internet they upload such amazing and amazing stories and photographs in packs, which sometimes takes a dumb, as soon as the authors have enough consciousness to shoot and write all this.

The same article describes, albeit a very real state of affairs on the Indian River Gang, but all the same it is tin. I will give a continuation below, and you yourself decide whether such ‘news’ are needed on the Internet.

In India, a group of tourists went fishing… where to read the sequel?

I can’t stand it when such things do in social.networks: start an interesting story, apply the same interesting photo, and then look for a continuation. .

The continuation of the story is actually crumpled. Obviously scraps of information. In Africa and India, there were such customs – to throw corpses into the river until it reached what consequences could be. In the photo, too, everything is quite understandable, except why the corpse occupies this position. But the tourists clearly wandered out of the wrong way.

The full story can be read here.

By the way, about the Gang River. You can drive into a search and see even more terrible photos. And some people also plunge into this water, considering it sacred.

In India, a group of tourists went fishing… where to read the sequel?

The continuation of this story can be read here, and with the same picture as yours. Similar ‘entertaining’ stories publish in various social networks, apparently, there she met you. In particular, I saw her on Facebook.

This is just a newsletter, which are very much on the Internet and it was posted with a mystery and a photo, something like you realized what it was or that it could be? I give history in full, so as not to look for and not to run anywhere. Enjoy reading.

In India, a group of tourists went fishing… where to read the sequel?

I looked at this story from the link. It is said that a group of tourists went fishing when the boat was sailing, they felt a blow. They looked into the water, it turns out about the boat hit the corpse of a man thrown into the river.

Such information that attracts in the initial phrases of the text is common in ‘classmates, and’ VKontakte ‘, on Facebook and on other sites. So they earn a rating under the heading ‘interesting facts’.

This entertaining but rather scary story was printed in July two thousand seventeenth years. That’s right, tourists caught fish on the Gang River from the boat, saw a terrible picture that appeared before their eyes. It is just like in the photo in your question. You can read the continuation of this story on this resource.

Or right here and now, on the site ‘big question’, which is much more convenient.

In India, a group of tourists went fishing… where to read the sequel?

You know how I do not like it, as well as other users when the story begins, and the continuation is very difficult to find. But sometimes it is not so easy to do. Constant advertising or even worse you need to subscribe to the public, but only then you can read completely.

Here on this resource you can read the history completely.

The continuation of the story about tourists who went fishing in India can be found on this site a very intriguing and this story sounds like a horror story. This group of tourists found a dead body in the water, it did not take an unusual position. Sounds very frightening. At night it is better not to read this.

Installation to attract the reader). But finding a continuation of the story is real, I also succeeded. Here it is writ10. Maybe in other sources it also has.

But intriguing only the beginning and then so -so).

Did not copy the picture, terrible… BRRR

Indeed, such a story, like many similar ones, walks on the Internet. At first, there is an unexpected and intriguing beginning, and then you need to click on the continuation, and a bunch of unnecessary advertising will come out, and then the story itself, which in practice may turn out to be the most ordinary. And this is how it sounds completely (source):

In India, a group of tourists went fishing… where to read the sequel?

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