In which series “knock on my door” Selin Pregnant?

Selin was originally with Serkan and their novel was quite long, but Serkan was in no hurry with the wedding. Because of this, they even part and this moment of their life appears.

Selin envies that the relationship of Eds and Serkan develop rapidly and even lovers speak of a wedding, which did not take place due to the accident. Therefore, Selin in every possible way sticks sticks in wheels ede.

After the accident, Selin fraudulently manages to get Serkan back, though not for long ..

In one of the episodes – in the 37th, Selin’s pregnancy reports. At first it was not clear something between her and Serkan or not, but then it turns out that she was pregnant from Eada’s friend – from Denise.

Watch the Turkish series called ‘Shut up on my door’ is a pleasure. Former girl Selin, still can’t calm down that Serkan is no longer with her, although she herself invited him to part, since he had not made her hand and heart proposal for a period of long relations. Selin, when talking with Eda, said that she was pregnant with Serkan, although it turned out to be a lie.

Selin tries to convince Serkan by hook or by crook that he expects a child from him, trying to at least keep him next to him. Selin is really pregnant in the thirty -seventh series, but her child is Deniz’s father. And with Serkan at that time of time, they did not even have proximity. In which series “knock on my door” Selin Pregnant?

Throughout the series, Selin does everything to hold Serkan. Even invents pregnancy – this happens in series 37.

The girl speaks about this Serkan, but he is not ready for such news. Meanwhile, Eda’s friends suspect that Selin only came up with this.In which series “knock on my door” Selin Pregnant?

‘Catching my door is a fascinating Turkish series shot in the genre of drama and a romantic comedy. The main characters of the series are Ed and Serkan.

In which series “knock on my door” Selin Pregnant?

In addition to the main characters in Turkish series, there are always many secondary characters. The series’ knock on my door “was no exception. One of these characters in the series is Selin. Selin is the former girl Serkana, works with him in one agency. Selin is trying to keep him with all his might. In the 36 series, the viewer finds out that Selin is pregnant. The girl says that this is a Serkana child, but in fact it is not the case. The father of the child is another man – Deniz.

In which series “knock on my door” Selin Pregnant?

Good health to everyone!

Of course, so to tighten the plot without such a hero as Selin would not have come out. However, I have no negative attitude towards her, and this is even despite the fact that she becomes pregnant with Deniz, then he is brazenly rushing the Serkana, that she is pregnant from him, just to get her. To be honest, I even feel a little sorry for her.

We learn about her pregnancy in the 36th series. But in the 38th series, her lie is exposed, because there was nothing between Serkan and Selin, and she herself then talks about it. But in general, it immediately becomes clear that her miserable lie will be disclosed. Too desperate and ordinary attempt to tie a man to himself!

In which series “knock on my door” Selin Pregnant?In which series “knock on my door” Selin Pregnant?

Selin came up with her pregnancy so that Serkan was near her. You can observe this picture in episode 37. But, soon, the truth is revealed, and Selin will again disappear from the life of the lovers Cherepnaya and Ed.

Selin is in the series “Catching my door” will be the woman who had a relationship with Serkan, but their couple broke up. However, Selin wanted to return Serkan. Well, in order to do this, she went to standard female insidiousness and came up with the fact that she is pregnant from Serkan. She will announce this very invented pregnancy in the 37th series.     

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