Insert the missing word into the brackets – the meadow (green) youth forest (…) rain?

This question, which can be found when passing the test on IQ, the adjective will be the correct answer Mushroom. As can be seen from the first example, the word ‘green’ approaches both the word ‘meadow’, and by the way ‘young man’. And in the second case, the word ‘mushroom’ approaches the words rain and forest.

The meadow is green, then the sun is shining now, the forest … rain, that is, there is a situation in which it rains on a sunny day, it remains to remember what is called such rain mushroom. In general, the IQ test is a very interesting and useful thing, but in my opinion, quite simple, that is, as if you understand the principle of solving such problems, they no longer seem difficult.

Since between the words ‘meadow’ and ‘youth’ is the word ‘green, which, according to the semantic load, approaches both the first and the second word (‘ green meadow ‘,’ green youth ‘), it is worth assuming that between the words’ forest ‘and the forest’ andRain ‘need to arrange such a word.

The word is most suitable ‘mushroom’

‘Mushroom forest’, ‘mushroom rain’

The task needs to make phrases from a word in brackets with words standing on the right and left. The green meadow and the green youth, the word ‘green’ is used in different meanings, but approaches both. In the second version, the word ‘mushroom’ is suitable: mushroom forest and mushroom rain.

Correct answer: Mushroom. The main word forms a logical, connected chain between these words that are behind brackets. That is, the meadow is green, green youth, it turns out the following: mushroom forest, mushroom rain. You need to answer exactly so as to go further in the game.

I agree with the version of the ‘mushroom’ – it is suitable for the word on the left and the word right. But I think this is not the only correct option. The word ‘autumn’ is no less successful. The phrases ‘autumn forest’ and ‘autumn rain’ are no less popular and used in conversations.

In this case, the word ‘mushroom “is perfect for the words and rain. The semantic meaning in the phrases of mushroom forest and mushroom rain is equally accurate. This is a fairly simple task for quick wits, you just have to delve into it.

This question was still asked in one of the IQ tests. The word in brackets should be approached both by the word on the right, and by the way on the left. And in the example we need, we need to insert the word ‘mushroom’. This word is suitable for ‘forest’ and to ‘rain’.

My answer is ‘autumn’, maybe because this is time now))). Autumn forest and autumn rain. ‘Mushroom’ Forest is also a phrase, but in my opinion less often than the ‘Autumn Forest’, and both ‘autumn’ and ‘mushroom ”are suitable for rain. The answers come to mind – ‘magical’, ‘night’, ‘affectionate’, ‘morning’…

The correct answer to the question from the test on IQ will be an adjective mushroom. We need to find a definition that would be suitable for both of the concepts of us. It is the adjective mushroom can describe both rain and forest at the same time.

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