Is it possible to measure clothes in Wildberries (Wildberry)?

Wildberries – one of the popular online stores. And all large stores are worried about their customers, their convenience and quality of service. Therefore, they do everything to get closer to the real store, including the possibility of trying.

You can try on the goods for which there was a payment or have not yet been paid. If at a pick -up point they decided to make an fitting, then you have to open the packaging with the thing to see how it sits or make sure that there is no marriage. In the event that the goods are not suitable, the client has the right and the opportunity not to accept the goods. But if you refuse the goods, then in the case that its quality was not affected. And it is also worth considering that it will be necessary to cover the costs of delivery and fitting one way or another.

Is it possible to measure clothes in Wildberries (Wildberry)?

Yes, you can.

Clothes can be tried on when delivery by courier.

Clothes can be tried on at the issues of issuance Wildberry.

This is the most important advantage of the store, it makes it possible to try on all the clothes and choose only what you liked and fit. Things that have not come up can be returned immediately (more precisely, just do not buy them).

If the fitting is carried out at the issuance point, then the return will be immediately issued by employees.

If the clothes are tried on a courier, it will wait for about 20 minutes (this is the maximum time, usually the faster, the better. If a large amount of clothes and shoes, then you can try on during this time).

The courier can be returned immediately after trying on goods that did not fit. It is important not to confuse packages from each specific thing and put everything in the right bags, couriers always warned me about it.

Immediately the courier can pay everything, leaving only what came. If things are paid for prepayment, then the required amount will be transferred to the account when the refund of things will be issued by employees.

Several times I ordered things with my husband from the Wildberries online store. The huge advantage of this store over others is that before buying a thing you can try on and buy only what you like and suitable.

This is possible both with self -expenses and when delivery by courier. With a pickup, you should approach the order of issuing orders and try on everything that they ordered. At the same time, you are completely unlimited in time.

When delivery by courier, you can also try on things, but here you will be somewhat limited in time. About 30 minutes will be allocated approximately, although no one and my husband have rushed.

VILDBERRIZ A store I really like. I bought clothes, shoes, and even bags there, but when they had adequate prices. The quality of clothing is not bad there, but the prices are of course high. I am glad that you can really try on clothes. Moreover, you can measure the clothes during the courier and immediately give him what you will not redeem, but you can also at the point of issuance. By the way, at the point of delivery, if you measure things, you can see them suit you or not. If not, then you will not buy it and employees immediately draw up a return to you. It is convenient that in the points of delivery there are booths with a mirror, like an fitting room in a store. With the courier there may be a restriction on the time of fitting, but you can agree longer if the employee is in no hurry.

I recently ordered cosmetics in Wildberries and when I came to pick up the order to the issue point, I was surprised to see that there was a rather large room and there are several fitting rooms so that you could try on the ordered clothes.

This is very good, otherwise I bought at Aliexpress more than once by the description, but it didn’t fit in size and did not village as I would like.

I looked at Wildberries: yes, there really is such an opportunity to try on self -explosion and with courier delivery. If not suitable, you can not buy.

The prepaid order can also be returned due to the fact that it did not fit in size or according to the style – the money will be returned to the account.

The Weildberiz network is gaining popularity among the population because of the opportunity to buy clothes at a reduced price and at the same time choose from the order precisely those things that are suitable in size, quality and colors. Therefore, usually people order several sizes of the same clothing, measured it and chooses the appropriate. The only thing is not applied to underwear.

This online store has become so popular. Its founder considers everything so that customers use the services of a store.

Of course, when ordering via the Internet, doubts always arise, and if a thing is not suitable in size or style, you just will not like how it is sitting.

Therefore, in Wildberries you can try on ordered things. There are cabins for fitting with a mirror and a foot mat. If the order is delivered by the courier, then the goods can also be measured. Couriers have never limited me in time.

The buyer has the right to refuse to buy the thing that did not suit him.

We ordered my husband three pullovers to choose from a pick -up point. He measured everything and eventually stopped at only 1. No time restrictions, a booth with a mirror, everything is very civil. As a result, they paid for delivery plus the cost of what I chose. True, I did not watch a little – Pulover turned out to be the wrong model that was ordered, another collar. As far as I understood according to the reviews, for wildberries confusion in goods is a common thing.

Not far from my house there are as many as two points of issuing goods (PV) of the marketplace Wildberry. Each of them has several booths for trying on clothes. It should be noted that PV is always clean and in the booths also. I have a post payment on this marketplace, so I order clothes often two sizes to choose which is better and therefore, of course, try on things.

The Wildberris online store is famous for the fact that you can order several sizes of the same product and, after trying on, take only the current, which has come up in size. Recently, for the return of the goods, the fee was installed at first, then there were 20, then 50 and 70 But this does not stop. Well -oriented from buyers’ reviews.

Yes there you can really measure clothes. And even if she did not fit you back back. Similarly, when the courier brought my clothes home, I all measured it all at that time, the courier calmly waited for me. And when something did not suit me, I returned back.

You can even take pictures in the booth – for social networks and friends. And then with a clear honest look to hand back a heap back, saying that it didn’t fit. You can even walk in bought underpants or skirt/body/ETK… 20 days, and then bring as a return – like I changed my mind (a). Or go to the dinner party with the same return result. Such is he, Valberis 🙂

Of course you can, and even need. There is a lot of marriage, and t.D. It is better to measure it right away and be sure of the purchase. If you measure at the issues, you can pay and go home in this little thing, so to speak and test in real conditions)))

You can certainly try on if you have time.

If delivery is up to a pickup point, then trying is the same as in a regular store, without time limit.

If courier delivery, then only 15-20 minutes are given.

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