Is it possible to smell with iodine?

Lichen is a skin disease that proceeds with peeling and a colored rash at the site of the focus of infection. Lichen is fungal, and sometimes viral.

Slogging lichen, most often becomes the cause of infection from animals, sick lichen.

Here is a table by which you can find out in detail the type of deprivation, its degree of infection, as well as its pathogen. But but you can determine what kind of deprivation you can after visiting a dermatologist and the delivery of certain analyzes that the doctor will prescribe.

Is it possible to smell with iodine?

If we are talking about cutting lichen, then the affected areas of the skin in humans can be smeared with iodine (at least smooth areas of the skin, I will not say about hairs). When I grabbed this infection 10 years ago, the dermatologist prescribed to lubricate with iodine in the morning and in the evening and some other ointment during the day. Everything has passed. Alcohol solution of iodine has antifungal properties, and stripping lichen is a fungal disease.

But lichen in cats cannot be smeared with iodine – they have too delicate skin, you can burn. And you can’t lubricate pink lichen with iodine, because it cannot be wetted with alcohol solutions.

Therefore, it is better to get a treatment regimen from a doctor.

My dear people-human people, iodine is not a medicine, but an antiseptic, called up to disinfect the wound, cut, scratch.

You cannot cure lichen, scabies, chickenpox, bronchitis, infertility and rheumatism. As, however, a lot of other diseases.

Where did you have heard all this? From iodine, Prokka will be even less in this case than from the mystical sessions of Kashpirovsky))

Definitely can and should. I say from recent fresh positive experience. It was the doctor with the child Dermatologist and prescribed it when they were sick. And in the hospital they lay, nurses smeared us, for a month – a day with ointment – day with iodine. You need to smear the affected areas. But not by pharmacy ready -made iodine, but diluted (I forgot in what proportion, it seems 2%. Bought alcohol and iodine and mixed). The child had on the scalp, so she was prescribed antibiotics (pennicilin group, in addition to iodine and ointment) and only on my hand. And so they cured me only with iodine and ointment (some kind of sulfuric sulfur).

If you smear lichen with iodine, then there will be nothing bad, but it will not solve the problem of getting rid of lichen. They smear the old fashioned way, considering iodine a cure for many skin damage, but it will not cure, it is not able to destroy it. But for your own reassurance, you can anoint.

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