Is it possible to use the usual SIM card megaphone in the modem?

I used to be also advised on the modem to use a megaphone as the fastest and not brake Internet. I tried to rearrange from the phone on the modem and nothing worked. Then she came to Megafon’s office (since he was not far from home) and asked why the SIM card does not work. I was told that my tariff is not for the modem, and not for the router. It was decent for a long time. Now it seems like and to conventional SIM card services are connected necessary. All the same, it is advisable to come to the office so that specialists have done all this, or you can try to get through to the support service and so try to connect everything. Dravoy is only the Internet in any way.

Can. It is used there. In particular, in recent years I have been using the megaphone modem and its SIMMAN. She’s exactly the same as on the ph1. It is undesirable to use only the old SIM card. A few years ago (about 4 years approximately) they all changed to 4G. The SIM card directly says Megafon4g,. I recently went to the megaphone office and for the order changed in two phones SIM card to new. Or suddenly she will need a modem. They were 2011. Insert the modem into a computer, a SIM card into it. Just you need to call the operator, ask him to disable your telephone tariff plan and connect the Internet option you need. You can independently, teams… But I think to call better, more quickly and less hassle. And also turn off all mobile subscriptions. In recent years there were 4 of them in my opinion. Subscriptions, clicks… and two more ‘quirks’. Which you can unexpectedly, running around, walking along the pages of the Internet, will fly off rubles 25 and a subscription or other service for a month will be issued. In order to disconnect them in advance, you need to send SMS to the corresponding room. And there will be a shutdown for 3 months. Further, prompting. If you want to turn off this way forever, the toGD needs to go to their office. For money, of course, the megaphone does not hesitate to take payment for the Internet. I used a 900 r tariff in the summer. And this is only 20GB. For a month like. And despite the video and very “economically ‘walking on the pages, I had enough of it for 20-25 days. Well, this is me, by the way. Everything about the answer to the question I wrote above.

I called the megaphone, talked with a living operator. Consultant response: you need to call, ask to change the tariff plan for the tariff that supports megaphone – a modem, then feel free to stick the phone SIM card in the modem.

Does not work otherwise, the Internet will not be.

It is possible, since I had a modem purchased with Simka. It is clear that after I did not use it for a long time, the SIM card was blocked.

I got to the hospital and not to get bored, asked to bring the modem. They brought me, I inserted Simka Megafon into the modem (since it was there that I have the Internet and the main balance) and everything worked.

But, when the last time I was in the hospital with my child, I did not bother, I handed the Internet to the laptop through the phone, it is easier.

You can also try. But you must understand that at the same time there will be a very strong speed limit on your modem, because the usual tariff plan is not designed for use in the modem. Therefore, the speed and quality of the Internet will be desired.

However, you can definitely call the hotline and ask to change the tariff plan to a special with an extended Internet traffic package, then everything will work fine.

Simka Megafon will see, he will work. Here with the speed of the Internet connection can be complications. Tariff plans are different, the volume of traffic on them is different. You can quickly choose traffic or the Internet will be slow, he will not please the very very.

It is better to consult in advance.

Someone writes that everything will work, but I personally do not understand how. Perhaps, although I doubt it very much, now it is possible. You can’t do this before, not even because the SIM card has different tariff plans, but because of the technical settings themselves. You need to understand that the Internet on the phone and the Internet on a modem is not the same.

I advise you to act here easier, to purchase a SIM card for a modem in a megaphone, with a special tariff plan.

If the tariff does not provide for restrictions in this regard, for example, on the distribution of the Internet or a ban on use in modems, then of course you can put a SIM card in any device, well, and if there are restrictions, then this is indicated in the conditions of the tariff, then the SIM card will not be fullyWork, however, there are ways to circumvent this restriction, but I think everyone who needs it and knows for himself, since these methods have been known for a long time and, in principle, do not change.

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