Is it true that the drug is.52 ‘banned in Europe?

Yes, Liv 52 is prohibited in Western Europe and the USA, because there were suspicions of carcinogenicity of the drug and it allegedly increases the risk of cancer. Conducted research in people with a patient with a patient (apparently cyrosis) and those who gave the drug, survival was less than those who were given dummies by 12 percent. But Liv 52 began to be sold in Europe and the USA under a different name Liver Care and the manufacturer is the same, and now it is produced in capsules.

Liv.52 is intended for the treatment of liver in alcoholics, mainly. This is a very popular remedy, but not verified. The manufacturer conducted its own research, but they were not documented by scientists. However, in Europe no one is Liv.52 did not forbid. Here, for example, the English site selling this drug.

Such information slipped on the Internet, I read it somewhere. However, recently in Russia I even saw an advertisement for this drug on TV. My mother, and she is 86 years old, has been drinking these pills for many years. They really help her. She has problems with the gall bladder. I believe that any medicine has contraindications.

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