IVAFATEE (willow) – who is it, what is known, how many years, biography?

More recently, the news appeared that the famous blog of Galina leads a completely different girl and with the help of modern technologies changes her photo and it turned out that the photo was already in the age of the age.

The girl’s name is I willy and at the moment she is twenty -one and she lives in Latvia.

She is webcam model.

Someone conducted a comparative analysis and found a lot similar between them and, above all, Galina and Tai has a mole in one place.

At the moment, little is known about the biography of willow and only such information is available

IVAFATEE (willow) – who is it, what is known, how many years, biography?

Iva – a girl from Latvia, who for a long time led a page called ‘Blog Galina’, where, with the help of filters, she owed herself for a middle -aged woman. Many subscribers have long been suspected that ‘Galina’ is not the one for whom he gives himself. Specific humor, photos from one angle (the filter lies better), modern clothes – all this caused many rumors and doubts. Subscribers stumbled upon the Internet to the girl like two drops of water similar to Galina, only 30 children younger. She turned out to be a willow, a drop of confidence that it was one and the same person, was the same mole on the forehead.

There is little information about the girl, Iva is 21 years old, her nickname IVAFATEE is also known that she is webcam model.

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