Julia Bichan (Obayasha4), biography, who she is, what is known?

Julia Bichan (Obayasha4) is a new girlfriend of the famous blogger Mikhail Litvin, she is very ambiguous and you can even say an incomprehensible person.Julia Bichan (Obayasha4), biography, who she is, what is known?

Julia Bichan for a long time was not particularly well -known, but recently she began to meet with a very popular blogger in the vast expanses of the Russian -speaking YouTube – whom Mikhail Litvin’s name and rushed, they began to subscribe to the girl more and more actively, because Mikhail calls Julia his wife, makes her expensivegifts, shoots joint videos and storis, and Litvin has not enough fans.

It is known that she is about 24-25 years old, and about 700 thousand people have been signed on her Instagram at the moment, she positions herself in it as a pop-up artist and in fact she is a performer of songs.

According to the zodiac sign, the girl cancer was born in the vastness of Belarus, and lives in Moscow at the moment, she moved there to become a star, infa also often flashed on the network that the supposedly Julia Bichan was connected with the escort, but most likely this is only a messageHaters Bloger and his wife.

Julia does not particularly advertise information about her youth and childhood, apparently there is nothing particularly rainbow there, and Mikhail Litvin made Julia a proposal in September 2023, and she agreed that he made an offer directly at the stadium and tens of thousands of people watched him, inIn general, perhaps the whole capital learned about him, in addition to Instagram, Julia is actively using the VKontakte social network.

Currently continues to develop its social. network and try to record new tracks to become a full -fledged star in Russia.

Julia Bichan (Obayasha4), biography, who she is, what is known?

Julia Bichan was not so popular, media personality. The girl gained her popularity after she began to meet with blogger Mikhail Litvin.

Julia Bichan (Obayasha4), biography, who she is, what is known?

Julia Bichan Personality is quite interesting, if only because after she became the second half of Litvin, the blogger fans have many versions about her personal life, activities and indeed about the life of a girl. Moreover, opinions sometimes contradict each other. Some call the girl an ecual and scandalist, the latter on the contrary are sure that these are all rumors and speculations. Julia is not particularly standing out, but at the same time does not miss the opportunity to once again annoy the former Litvin passion Alina. Bichan’s birth date on June 29, it does not indicate the exact year. The birthplace of Julia is the city of Kalinkovichi. At the moment, the girl lives in the capital of Russia. It can often be seen in the photo next to the future husband.Julia Bichan (Obayasha4), biography, who she is, what is known?

Julia Bichan now catches ‘hype’, as they say on youth slang. They began to talk about the girl after the pranker and blogger Mikhail Litvin made her an offer. And not just did it, but on the football field.

Nick Julia – Obayasha4.

Girl 25 years old. She is from Belarus (born in the city of Kalinkovichi). Now lives in Moscow.

Marital status: not married, there are no children. They still have not signed with Mikhail.

The network even went to information that Julia was working on a living, spending time with men for money. But there were no evidence of these rumors.

VKontakte page (but the profile is closed).

Instagram page.

Julia Bichan (Obayasha4), biography, who she is, what is known?

Judging by the material collected on the network, Julia Bichan itself is nothing outstanding. There are thousands in social networks. Fame in certain circles brought her boyfriend, and from September 2023 – an official groom. The name is Mikhail Litvin, this is one of the most successful bloggers and streamers on Russian territory, the owner of his own YouTube channel. Here is the shadow of his popularity and fell by 25-year-old Julia, a native of the Belarusian city of Kalinkovichi. Information on the network about it is the most contradictory, which it itself gives an occasion. The girl has a VKontakte profile, but it is closed for outsiders. There is an Instagram account, but there is the same story. And if you can’t look somewhere, then for the peers it is like a red rag for a bull – rumors begin to produce immediately. Be that as it may, Julia periodically laid out the videos in Tiktoka, positioning herself as a singer. True, the last video, which appeared a few days ago, caused users more laughter than approval. The girl sang a song-recognition of her fiancé, dancing against the background of his red car. Litvin himself, by the way, was sitting inside this car at this time, and his surprised face fell on the camera a couple of times. In a word, Julia’s vocal data is not yet impressive, and she hides her personal life behind closed profiles.

Julia Bichan is a girl of the famous blogger Mikhail Litvina (you can learn more about him in this matter on the project a big question). Mikhail made her an offer on September 18, 2023 during a football match.

It is known about Julia that she was born on June 29 in the city of Kalinkovichi (Belarus). The exact year of birth is unknown, the network suggests that now she is twenty -five years old.

The girl lives in Moscow at the moment, she is fond of sports. In some sources they write that she had previously been engaged in an excort, but confirmation of this information could not be found.

Julia has a page on Instagram, a page on VKontakte. Below the answer is the photo of Julia:

Julia Bichan (Obayasha4), biography, who she is, what is known?

Julia Bichan gained popularity on social networks, becoming a girl of the popular blogger Mikhail Litvina. The girl she is prominent and pretty, does not speak about her age, but she looks 25 years old.

Julia Bichan (Obayasha4), biography, who she is, what is known?Julia Bichan (Obayasha4), biography, who she is, what is known?

She is a new girl of a very popular blogger Mikhail Litvin, for this reason she became so popular, more precisely known.

The girl is pretty, she is 25 years old.

Born in Belarus, the city of Kalinkovichi.

Officially she is not married and she has no children yet.

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