Kum, kuma – these are family ties?

From the point of view of the law, Kum and Kuma are not relatives if they are not binded by any other kinship. These are the godfathers of the child. True, sometimes they invite as godparents, one on the paternal side, the other from the mother. It is allowed. But from the point of view of Christianity, kumovism is kinship. Kum and kuma, those who baptized one child can no longer get married with each other. This is considered by the church as an incest.In the old days, the baptism of the child suggested that the godfathers would engage in the spiritual education of the godson, and if for some reason he would not have parents, the godparents will raise him.

Kum, kuma – these are family ties?

Certainly! The christening of the child is very sacred! and kum with kuma now relatives are not by blood ! But according to church canons! They have a great responsibility in the spiritual education of the baby !

Usually in Kumovya they take the most well -billed and native people!

Sometimes these are more than related ties, although not bloody. And no, these are not relatives. And not even the seventh water on jelly, just very good and necessary people who some invite to the godfathers to their children,.

Kum and Kuma are the godfathers of a person in relation to his parents, to each other. There is no time, only if the relatives of the family of the godson did not become the godfather, and Kuma with the kum. Most often this is a spiritual kinship, close but not related from. The christening was considered a second birth, and the godmother’s godfathers for the godson.

If at one time, in his youth, make the right choice, then yes, kum (kuma) can become even more than relatives in life, because not with every relative you can share what you can tell Kuma or Kuma, these are people close in spirit andYou need to choose them with full responsibility, besides, these are spiritual mentors of your child, and this is not a joke.

I did not think about it before, because I was not baptized until the age of 18, I somehow did not hear cumen relations and appeals in my environment. When their firstborn was bought, they began to turn to each other with the godfather of the child Kum (a). These are not a family relationship by blood, but related from the point of view of combining the family as a child.

Kum, Kuma – these are godparents of the child in relation not only to each other, but also to the parents of the godson. Therefore, related ties – this is not. The only exception is to invite relatives as godfathers. Then such a status as kum or kuma will be added to family ties.

Kuma – godly parents of one godson (godson) in relation to each other, as well as in relation to the parents of the godson (godson), also the Kumovyes include witnesses of the wedding and, in some cases, a bosom friend or girlfriend (kuma).

It seems to me that they will not be related ties.

Kum and Kuma are godparents and his parents in relation to each other. They are not relatives, although I know the family where their relative chose as a godfather. But usually these are just close people, friends, friends.

Kum and Kuma are godparents. For a child, they will be a godfather and dad, and for each other kum and kuma. The church does not approve. so that Kum and Kuma be husband and wife.

When I became the godfather. Father told me about this.

Kum and Kuma are spiritual relatives in relation to each other. Therefore, they cannot commit a marriage union. These are godparents in relation to the child’s blood parents and in relation to each other.

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