Lermontov ‘Ashik-Kerib’ readers’ diary how to fill?

Lermontov’s fairy tale was taken from the Caucasian epic, for almost all the peoples of the Caucasus have in different variations the legend of Ashug-Garib, (Lermont­Ovidized in Ashik), because Ashug is a vagabond singer who sings at weddings and earns money. And the second part of the name is Garib (and Kerib was modified here), Gariba – these are those who leave their homeland for many years to make money.

The main characters here are the three-Ashik-Kerib, his beloved daughter, rich man Magul-Migheri and his rival Kurshud-Bek. After Ashik-Kerib left his homeland, his rival is vile Kurshud Bek tells his mother that he drowned. But he does this in order to make Magul-Migheri to sneak, Ashik’s mother will blind. Meanwhile, Ashik-Kerib achieves wealth and forgets about his beloved, but they agreed that after seven years he should return and take him to his wife. Magul-Migheri sends a golden dish that Ashik recognizes, and he is in a hurry to Tiflis, but he would certainly be late, if not for Holy Haderiliaz (in the Armenian version of St. Sarkis), who came to Tiflis in three hours. But Kerib manages to the wedding, where Magul is married to Hursshud-Beka. Everything turns out, Ashik marries his beloved, and his mother seeks…

The name of the work is ‘Ashik -Kerib’.

Author – Lermontov m.YU.

The genre is a fairy tale.

Main characters:

  • Ashik -Kerib – fearless young man.
  • Magul -Migheri – Honest and Patient Girl.
  • Kurshud -bek – at the beginning of the work is greedy, and at the end fair and kind.
  • St. George – a horseman on a white horse.


1) Ashik-Kerib’s sadness that he cannot take Magul-Migheri’s wife, and his decision is to go to the light to get rich.

2) Kurshud-Bek reports Magul-Megher about the death of Ashik-Kerib and her disbelief this news.

3) Ashik-ceribe becomes rich and forgets about the bride.

4) St. George helps Ashik-Kiribu return home, but his blind mother does not recognize him.

5) Ashik-cherib cures the blindness of his mother.

6) Curses-bek is inferior to the world Magul-Migheri Ashik-Keribu.

The moral of the fairy tale:

A fairy tale teaches us not to give up and achieve our goals. How good it is to be true to your word, business and beloved people. As well as their religious faith with which you can overcome difficulties.


The fairy tale is very interesting, because it is instructive. Reading a fairy tale, you understand how strong the love for the mother, for the beloved, for the homeland. And how important it is to keep your promise. Lermontov ‘Ashik-Kerib’ readers’ diary how to fill?

To the main characters of the fairy tale of the great Russian poet Mikhail Yuryevich Leromontov ‘Ashik-Kerib’ I would take:

  • talented, but poor musician Ashik-Kerib,
  • The daughter of the rich merchant Magul-Migheri,
  • The vile rival of Ashik-Kerib in the struggle for the heart of the beauty Kurshud-bee.

You can briefly convey the content of the fairy tale as follows:

Ashik-Kerib and beauty Magul-Migheri loved each other, but on the way to their happiness an insurmountable obstacle was the poverty of the musician. Ashik-Kerib is leaving. Curses-bek rackens to everyone that he drowned.

The musician becomes rich and begins to forget about his bride. Devoted Magul-Megeri sends him a dish. Ashik-Kerib is in a hurry to a lover. He marries Magul-Migher, and Curses Bek for his sister.

I liked the fairy tale. She teaches fidelity and devotion. The fact that there is justice in life, and material wealth is not the main thing. Good, as always, triumphs. Everyone is ultimately happy, not even the most positive hero of the work of Kurshud-Bek.

Author: M.YU.Lermontov.

Genre: Author’s fairy tale.

The main characters of the fairy tale ‘Ashik-Kerib’:

1) Ashik-cherib. Poor young singer. When he became rich, he forgot his bride, but with the help of Haderiliaz came to the wedding.

2) Magul-Migheri. The bride of the singer. Faithful and beautiful girl, was the daughter of a wealthy merchant.

3) Kurshud-bek. Ashik-Kerib’s rival, he said that he drowned, but did not interfere with the wedding.

4) Haderiliaz (St. George). Helped Ashik-Kiribu get to the wedding.

Summary of the fairy tale m.YU.Lermontov ‘Ashik-Kerib’ for a reader’s diary in 5-6 sentences:

1) Ashik-Kerib and Magul-Migheri loved each other, but because of the poverty, Ashik-Kerib cannot ask his lover’s hands.

2) Ashik-Kerib leaves to wander for seven years, at this time Curshud-Bug says that he drowned.

3) Ashik-Kerib puts in the argument, becomes rich and forgets Magul-Migheri.

4) Magul-Magheri decides to remind herself and sends his lover, Ashik-Kerib hurries to the wedding.

5) Haderiliaz helps Ashik-Keribu.

6) Lovers played a wedding, his mother was seeing, and Kurshud-Bek married Ashik-Kerib’s sister.

What does the fairy tale ‘Ashik-Kerib’ teach:

This work teaches us to keep this word and remember our promises. She also teaches to appreciate loved ones and not forget her love, be fair and not impede the happiness of others.

Review of the fairy tale ‘Ashik-Kerib’:

This is a very exciting fairy tale with a beautiful love story that ended happily and safely. The story is very instructive and this is its value.

Lermontov ‘Ashik-Kerib­’for a reader’s diary.

1) author – m.YU. Lermontov.

2) genre – fairy tale (copyright processing of a folk tale).

3) the main characters of the fairy tale ‘Ashik-Kerib’:

  • The young man Ashik-Kerib himself, a talented musician who went to earn money, but when he became rich forgot about his beloved.
  • Magul-Migheri, the girl, the daughter of a merchant, from a wealthy family, fell in love with Ashik-Kerib, found a way to remind herself.

4) a summary of 5-6 sentences: Ashik-cherib falls in love with Magul-Megeri. Sets off to work and promises to return when he makes money. The guy was not lucky for a long time, but luck smiled at him and he began to earn money. But gradually he forgot about his beloved and was in no hurry home. Magul-Migher found a way to help Ashik-Keriba to remember her promise. The young man remembered everything and returned to Magul-Migher, having time before she got married.

5) Review of a fairy tale: For me, the names of the main characters caused difficulties in a fairy tale, but so I liked the fairy tale. Most of all I liked the Magul-Megher herself, her devotion and resourcefulness, that she found a way to return her beloved home. The fairy tale is instructive, I recommend it to read.

6) what teaches: teaches to go to his goal and not forget about his promises.

7) Illustration:

Lermontov ‘Ashik-Kerib’ readers’ diary how to fill?

We fill out a reader diary for the fairy tale Lermontov ‘Ashik-Kerib’.

Main characters:

Ashik-Kerib, poor and honest musician, in love with a rich beauty. Very kind, does not remember evil, knows how to forgive.

Magul-Migheri. A rich beauty in love with a poor musician. Faithful, devoted, honest, decisive.

Curses Bek. Ashik-Kerib rival. Insidious, but not angry. For love is ready to go for a crime.


  1. To get money for the wedding, Ashik-Kerib goes seven years on wanderings.
  2. Kurshud-bek betrays him about drowned, the hero’s mother will blind
  3. Ashik-Kerib becomes rich and forgets about Magul-Migheri.
  4. Magul-Migheri sends gold a dish and Ashik-cherib is in a hurry to Tiflis.
  5. Holy Haderiliaz helps him, and Ashik-Kerib manages to the wedding
  6. Magul-Megeri marries Ashik-Keriba, and the hero’s mother seeks.

The moral of the fairy tale: to fulfill his cherished dream, a person must make some efforts.

Review: I liked this fairy tale, because it ended well and everyone was happy. Even the insidious cursus-bek found his happiness. This fairy tale creates a positive attitude and teaches to believe in the best, that miracles are possible in ordinary life.

The name of the fairy tale – ‘Ashik-Kerib’.

Writer: Lermontov Mikhail Yuryevich.

The main characters of the fairy tale are:

  • The brave young man Ashik-Kerib
  • Girl named Magul-Megheri
  • Curses Bek
  • The horseman of St. George

Summary for the reader’s diary:

Ashika-Keriba is upset, since he cannot marry the beautiful Magul-Migheri. He wants to get rich, for this he goes to the city. The cunning Curses Bek reports Magul-Migheri that Ashik-Keriba died, but the girl refuses to believe. Happiness smiles Ashik-Keribu: he is very rich, but the young man forgot about the bride. With the help of St. George Ashik-Kerib, he returns to her father’s house, his mother, who is blind, does not recognize her son. Ashik-Kerib helps mom and marries Magul-Migheri.

The main idea of the fairy tale: the fairy tale teaches us to be honest, keep a word, not to betray people close to you, and also not to forget your father’s house.

Fill in the reader’s diary:

1.We will indicate the author – m.YU. Lermontov.

2.Genre is a fairy tale.

3.Let’s list the main characters:

Ashik-Kerib-a young and poor young man, very talented, dreams of marrying a beautiful Magul-Megher, but when he becomes rich, he quickly forgets about his beloved.

Magul-Migheri-a girl who fell in love with Ashik-Keriba found a way out of the situation and returned her beloved.

Kurshud-bek-Ashik-Keriba rival.

4.Let’s write a summary:

Ashik-Kerib is a talented musician, he fell in love with Magul-Megheri. The young man sends to earn money, he was lucky he became rich and forgot his beloved. Kurshud-Bek says that Ashik-Kerib drowned, the young man’s mother will blind. Magul-Migheri does not forget about his lover and sends him a dish. Ashik-Kerib returns to the bride, they get married. And the rival of Curses Bek to marry Ashik-Kerib’s sister.


I liked the fairy tale, she teaches us not to forget her relatives, even if you have become rich, you should not betray your beloved. Of course, most of all I liked Magul-Megeri, she is a very honest, loving and devoted girl, who also knows how to achieve her.

6.The fairy tale teaches us fidelity, devotion, fulfill our promises.

7.Lermontov ‘Ashik-Kerib’ readers’ diary how to fill?

In the readership, you need to write the name of the work – Ashik -Kerib, the genre – fairy tale and author – m. Lermontov.

Next, write a summary.

Young singer Ashik-Kerib loves a girl named Magul-Migheri. One fine day, he declares to her that he was leaving for earnings, and how he will earn money, he will return. At first, the singer was not lucky for a long time, but then he managed to earn money and forgot about his bride, and she managed to make herself felt so that Ashik remembered her. In his homeland, Kurshud-Bug tells everyone that Ashik drowned and his mother Ashik will blind. Ashik himself is in a hurry home and magical chaderlyiaz helps him on a journey. As a result, the young man manages to a wedding with Magul. Ashik’s mother is seeing. Ashik-Kiriba rival marries his sister.

Review: The fairy tale is very interesting, but the names can be remembered hard.

The main idea:

One must be true to your word, which gave and remember those who love you.

Main characters:

Ashik -Kerib – poor young man musician.

Kurshud-Bek is an opponent of Ashik-Keriba, also in love with Magul Megery.

Magul Megery – Ashik -Keriba girl.

The author of the fairy tale ‘Ashik-Kerib’ is M.YU. Lermontov.

The heroes of the fairy tale are a young man Ashik-Kerib, a girl named Magul-Megher and St. George (Horseman).

The main character, musician Ashik-Kerib loves Magul-Migheri very much, but he is poor. Because of his poverty, he is forced to leave. Ashik-Kerib leaves and eventually becomes rich, forgetting about his girlfriend.

Curses-bek rackens to everyone that he drowned.

Magul-Migheri does not forget about his musician and reminds him of himself. As a result, the musician returns to his Magul-Megeri and they marry.

Lermontov ‘Ashik-Kerib’ readers’ diary how to fill?

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