Like a man, to finish several times in a row? What do I need to do?

Everything is simple.

Firstly, no matter how banal it will seem, you need to make several coituses…

Usually with at least small breaks between them.

Secondly, it is advisable to have a fairly high level of testosterone – this is achieved by nutrition with a high content of proteins and animal fats, as well as an active, mobile lifestyle with high physical exertion.

Thirdly, I need to apologize for another banality, you need to choose a partner, sexually attractive (attractive for a given man) and sexually active. The activity of the partner plays far from the last role here.

Finally, fourthly, you need to have a fairly strong sexual constitution… That is, be born with the appropriate set of genes.

But here everything is quite relative.

If under

Like a man, to finish several times in a row? What do I need to do?

understand 3 – 4 ejaculation – then yes, you can probably talk about a strong sexual constitution.

Well, for example, for 2 ejacations in a short time, probably most men are capable of.

Something like that.

In order for the man to finish several times a woman must like it, strongly excite. It also depends on the individual characteristics of a man, he should have a strong sexual constitution.

I had such a man, a former military man, they are usually excellent lovers. The first time he finished in me in the usual way, and the second in the anus.This is how we had a variety in sex.

Cum twice, or even several times in a row, a man is real. But to try to approach this, it is desirable to have –

  • good sexual health;
  • It is preferably some abstinence from sex, before that;
  • skilled partner, or at least very desired;

Also, well contribute to multiple orgasm in men, in advance acceptance of means of stimulating sexual activity. But with their excessive use, the opposite effect can be obtained.

Another way for a man, to end two times in a row, or even several times in a row, this will learn to experience an orgasm without ejaculation, the so -called ‘dry orgasm’ in this case, does not occur ejaculation, which means that it takes much less time for restoration. This technique described in the ancient Chinese teachings of “Tao Love” can be learned to any1.

Listen to your body, give up bad habits, learn to understand yourself and the partner, and new victories, will not be counted! )

Like a man, to finish several times in a row? What do I need to do?

Usually implies the ability to test several orgasms with a minimum interval – from a few seconds to several minutes. She is more likely to have women – due to the lack of the so -called refractory period, which men have: after ejaculation they need some time to relax. As a rule, in the next 10-60 minutes (each has its own period), a man is not ready for new ejaculations, so he usually does not want sex. The girl, even after proximity, remains a little excited and is more open for tenderness, hugs and new orgasms.

How to experience a man to experience multioxm

The main thing is that male orgasm is known is that they are very poorly studied, unlike female. For example, researchers from Canada and Australia collected data on male multi -argmes using polls – not the most objective method.

However, it turned out that there are two types of male multi -organisms: when it is possible to finish several times in a row during one “sunset” (condensed multi -ore), and when a man over a certain time, for example 15 minutes, passes all stages several times – from excitement to orgasm and ejaculation(sporadic multioxmes)

Born such a man, this is what you need to finish several times without a break or with interruptions of insignificant.

True, if the partner is new and very welcome – repeated sexual acts can easily be performed by many men. But so that the volume of sperm is not in the second and subsequent times microscopically small – this is still by nature ‘talent’, such a quick filling of ‘tanks’.

If we talk about several ejaculations in a row during intercourse, then this is even theoretically impossible. Any man after ejaculation needs a certain rest. This is not a male whim to sleep, nature is just arranged.

In any case, after the ejaculation, the man disappears an erection and that it appears to pass again for a certain time. But this is the time already depends on many factors. This is of course the age of the man, his physical condition, the duration of abstinence, the state of health.

Therefore, do not try to achieve orgasm several times in a row. It is better to do this several times after a short time, if you decide to surprise your girlfriend.

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