Markov ‘Susanin’, analysis of the poem how to make?

The poem ‘Susanin’ is written by Markov Sergey Nikolayevich, a talented Soviet poet, writer, ethnographer, geographer, word, man comprehensively developed. He took possession of many knowledge, engaged in self -education.

This poem was created by the author in the harsh military 1943.

The theme of the work is the feat of Ivan Susanin. The fortress peasant of one of the Kostroma villages Ivan Susanin in the winter of 1613 went as a conductor of the Polish-Lithuanian detachment, who led to the forest thicket and condemned to death at the cost of his own life. Thus, he saved from the seizure by the Poles of young Mikhail Romanov and his mother.

The main idea of the poem, in my opinion, is that you need to love your homeland and be ready to give your life for it.

In work 15 stanzas.

In the first two, the poet draws a picture of ‘blue -haired’ of the winter, crackling frost outside.

In the third, the readers appear as sleeping in the hut of Poles. And in the fourth, Susanin decides, wakes one of the invaders and agrees to become a guide of the enemy detachment.

The fifth quatrain is a farewell to a peasant with his native places, he knows that he can’t return here.

Further, the detachment of Lyakhov and Magyar follow Susanin to his death. As if helping the hero, nature comes into effect, a blizzard begins.

The old man recalls things that he did not have time to finish.

Enemies understand what happened:

Markov ‘Susanin’, analysis of the poem how to make?

In the last three stanzas, Markov says that Russia is powerful, its people are great. She is strong for her heroes, the memory of which lives for centuries.

The poet is proud that Ivan Susanin his fellow countryman glorifies Kostroma land.

The finale of the work is filled with solemnity and patriotism.

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