Niletto (Danil Prytkov) – what height, weight, eye color, photo?

Today (28.10.2019) Russian rap artist, known in narrow circles under the pseudonym Niletto full of 27 years. He was born on the first of October 1992 in one of the maternity hospitals of a small town in the Tyumen region in a simple family that has nothing to do with art. At birth received the name Danil and the surname Prytkov.

From childhood, the guy was engaged in dancing and vocals. After graduating from a school training course, he moved to Yekaterinburg, where he worked for a dance teacher for some time.

Niletto (Danil Prytkov) – what height, weight, eye color, photo?

Danil Prytkov was participants in the famous project ‘Songs on TNT’. The musician is not married. Currently lives and works in Yekaterinburg. The singer has pages on social networks Instagram and VKontakte.

Niletto (Danil Prytkov) – what height, weight, eye color, photo?

Danil Sergeevich Prytkov, known as Niletto, and as Danil Husky attracts his versatility. The young man is pretty, sports, moves perfectly and sings quite pleasantly. The guy does not propagate all sorts of nonsense, plays sports and writes songs. The same ‘favorite’ highlighted him from the crowd of others on the project ‘Songs on TNT’.

Danil was born in the year of the goat, according to the sign of the zodiac scales.

Born in the Tyumen region. His parents supported his son’s talent in time and gave it to dancing. Since then, the guy is dancing and sings.

Niletto (Danil Prytkov) – what height, weight, eye color, photo?

Niletto is a popular singer. I first learned about him when I saw a song on TNT on the project. In the first season, he did not go to the main composition, and in the second season he was still taken.

Netto has no wife and children, he lived with a girl for a long time, admits that these relations were toxic for them. Often diverged and put up with her. It is also admitted that he cheated on her a couple of times. By the way, he recently got a little biographical song ‘We lie on the same bed’.

Niletto a simple guy, he worked at a construction site for a while. In the past, I often experienced financial difficulties. Now lives in Moscow, and he is from the Tyumen region.

Niletto is in four social networks, I give links:

Niletto VKontakte.

Niletto Tiktok.

Niletto Instagram.

Niletto YouTube.

Niletto (Danil Prytkov) – what height, weight, eye color, photo?

As far as I know, the Russian singer Niletto (Danil Prytkov) was a participant in the project: ‘Songs’ on TNT in the first and second season.

The guy lives and works in Yekaterinburg. As far as I know from mass sources of information – it is married.

Became popular thanks to his song: ‘favorite’ who just ‘blew up’ the Internet and became very popular in Russia.

This singer-reper has a rather peculiar appearance (a tattoo on the neck in the form of a snowflake and a long pigtail in the bangs are thrown immediately in the eye).

Danil Prytkov has his own VKontakte page and continues to make music.

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