Nosov ‘crossing’, a summary of what, topic and idea?

Eugene Ivanovich Nosov was directly involved in the battles of the Great Patriotic War and in fact in the story of the “crossing” the writer introduces us to one of the front -line cases, whose witnessed he was.

The plot develops at the time of the crossing of the Soviet troops across the river. A narrow pontoon crossing did not allow the troops to advance quickly and the head of the crossing monitored the order.

When the convoy is traveling, the head of the crossing stops the wagon in which the camel was harnessed. He does not miss a camel, citing the Red Army to disgrace it.

The front commander Rokossovsky, who, after hearing a rider, allows him to go on a camel drive up to the crossing. At the end, the commander gives an order to submit a sled to the award.

The theme of this story is the topic of war in which, in addition to hostilities, there were quite peaceful cases in which people remain people, forgetting that they are again awaiting difficult battles with the enemy.

Nosov ‘crossing’, a summary of what, topic and idea?

This small story of Evgeny Alekseevich Nosov is dedicated to the case of a crossing across the river during the Great Patriotic War.

Soviet troops liberated their native land from the Nazi invaders and entered the territory of Europe.

The turmoil reigned on the pontoon crossing. Infantry, cars, carts with weapons and wounded. Enemy bombers could fly in any time.

The captain commanded the crossing, who tried to put the order on the plot entrusted to him. A camel, drawn in a wagon with weapons, overwhelmed the captain’s patience. He refused to pass the animal ‘to Europe’.

The situation was allowed by General Rokossovsky, who had arrived at the place of dispute. He ordered to let a camel with a load onto the bridge and, learning that the participant of the battles near Stalingord ruled the wagon, was surprised at the lack of combat awards. The soldier noticed that those who are in the wagon were not supposed, not on the front line after all. The military commander gave the order to submit a warrior to the award…

Topic: War.

Idea: The Soviet people fought for the freedom of their homeland, not thinking about rewards. The contribution of every Soviet man to the fight against the enemy, both at the front and in the rear, was invaluable and brought together a great victory.

The content, theme and idea of the story of Evgeny Ivanovich Nosov

(years of life – from 1925 to 2002) entitled “Crossing” the following.

Nosov ‘crossing’, a summary of what, topic and idea?

There was a Great Patriotic War, Soviet troops approached the Polish border.

There was a bustle on a pontoon crossing, and suddenly the head of the crossing

I saw a camel transporting machine guns. He refused to miss the animal

Allegedly, so as not to put Soviet soldiers for a mockery in Europe.

At this time, Rokossovsky arrived at the crossing and, also noticing the camel, went to him.

Sadovaya told the commander in chief that this is an unpretentious and hardy animal

went with him from Stalingrad himself.

Rokossovsky ordered to skip a camel, and submit a soldier to the award.

Nosov ‘crossing’, a summary of what, topic and idea?

Military everyday life.

Nosov ‘crossing’, a summary of what, topic and idea?

During the war, the soldiers did not think about presentability and awards,

They did everything possible to survive and defeat fascism.

Nosov ‘crossing’, a summary of what, topic and idea?

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