Openal – what kind of program is it, whether it is needed and whether it can be deleted?

Open al is a library working with 3D sound. In principle, this program is needed for a few applications, but other applications and ghones can go incorrectly in the absence of this program. I do not advise you to remove it, especially since this program in the system occupies practically nothing

Openal.EXE is the type of exe of the Openal Installer file developed for Windows Software Developer for Windows operating system. The latest version of Openal.EXE is, which was prepared for Windows. This EXE File bears a rating of popularity – 1 star and security rating – ‘Unknown’.

You want to remove Openal completely from the computer? Do you get strange mistakes when removing Openal? You cannot install an updated version or another program after deleting Openal? Many computers cannot completely delete the program for one reason or another. If some files and components of the program are still in the system, this means that the program does not completely delete. These remains will slow down the computer, and can also lead to numerous problems, such as strange pop -ups about errors and the inability to install other programs. There are many ways to delete the program. One of them is in Windows using a utility Add/Deleting Programs.

This program is unlikely to seem necessary to the ordinary computer user. Thus, I once removed it from the computer, after which I received noble lily from my brother. I have a programmer, together with a friend is interested in games and their development. As it turned out, this program is somewhat very necessary: many programs with sound work with it, some applications can work crookedly without it, or not to start at all, as it was said here. In simple words, as explained to me, this is an accelerator of sound, which qualitatively convey it to the speakers and even with 3D effect. Removing Openal, be prepared for the fact that many atmospheric games will give out a message: ‘Openal: Can`t Create Sound Device’, which means notices with sound.Openal – what kind of program is it, whether it is needed and whether it can be deleted?

In fact, this is a good program that allows the user to plunge into the world of real sounds, for example, in the game. That is, all sounds will be like in 3D, at the right distance in accordance with the plot. I would not advise deleting it, but if I really want to, then you can do it through the start – control panel – installation and removal of programs. Find the desired program there and delete.

The Openal program is needed to improve sound, its changes in games, if you do not play, delete it simply, especially if it suddenly loads the system, and for a computer this is an additional load or generally the games are not interesting.

This is a program for sounds. The sounds of modern games go on it. In principle, if you are not going to play modern games, then you can delete (although I do not advise, otherwise I somehow deleted it later suffered – I was looking for licensed)

Manual removal:

  • Press the start and start the control panel.
  • Select Openal and find change / delete to delete the program.
  • Follow the instructions of the removal master and delete the program.

You can manually remove the Openal SDK through the built -in Uninstaller

Most computer programs are installed along with deinstallors, which can also help delete the program.

  • Press the start and find all the programs.
  • Select the Openal folder and click on its removal.
  • Follow the instructions and delete the program.

To start removal, you can also do it:

  • Go to the folder where the program is installed.
  • Find its deinstal (usually called Unins000.EXE or UninStall.exe)
  • Select its deinstal and follow the instructions.

Please do not forget that Windows Add/Deleting Programs and a dei -check can only delete the main executable program files, but not all software files and components. Some invalid files can be left in the system registry. To completely remove Openal, you need to get rid of these residues, otherwise, they will slow down your PC and block the installation of other incompatible programs.

In order to delete these files, you can perform the following actions:

  • Run the registry editor
  • Find and delete all the program files in the system folder C: \ Program Files \, C: \ Document and Settings \ All Users \ Application Data \ and C: \ Documents and Settings \% User% \ Application Data .

Note: it is recommended only to experienced computer users to manually edit the register and delete Openal, because the removal of any recording of the registry by mistake will lead to a serious problem or even the collapse of the system.

Unremarkable and small program Openal.EXE is a library that is called to process media files, namely for working with 3D sound. Some programs, as well as modern games, will not be able to be recognized correctly by a computer if it has removed this program. So you should not delete.

Openal (Open Audio Library)-a hardware and software interface for working with audio-dedicated ones, which has free distribution.

The main feature of this ibliotek is work with 3D sound.

Openal, in a simple speech, helps to withdraw sound from the program to columns

Openal – what kind of program is it, whether it is needed and whether it can be deleted?

This program is needed for the correct work of games. That is, so that the sound in the game is 3D. She does not occupy a lot of space on the computer. I’m not a gamer at all. And I don’t need such a program. You can delete it in the “control panel ‘in the menu” installation and removal of programs’.

Openal.EXE is a program that allows you to recognize and play 3 d sounds. Thus, if you delete it for the correctness of sound reproduction, there will already be no 1. Game settings can fly and they fad.

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