Painted or painted, how correctly and why?

From the same verb ‘to write’, you can get such a word -formation chain of the same -root words:

write => races/write => grew/writing => painted.

As you can see, the words in this chain have the same prefix, but it is written with different vowels — A or O.

The spelling of the prefix ‘Ras- / Ros-‘ (as well as ‘DISTOURS-‘) does not obey the general rule of spelling of such prefixes.

Yes, and in order to write the noun ‘painting’ correctly, you do not even need to resort to any rule.

The vowel ‘o’ in the prefix of the word is pronounced very clearly, because it is in a strong position (under stress).

But in the prefix of the adjective ‘painted’ vowel is in a weak position (it is unstressed).

From here, the rule also emerges in our Russian language, which regulates in the indicated prefix under stress to write a vowel ‘o’ when it is pronounced ‘o’;and without stress should write a vowel ‘a’.

So write the given word correctly like this: painted.

In the middle of the table stood a painted jug with a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

The painted caftan was just a glance.

Caftan “what” – “painted”, the word is the name of the adjective.

Doubts about the correctness of writing this word arise in the first syllable (o/a).

In order to determine the correctness of the spelling of this word, we will figure out which part of the word this unstressed vowel is located.

“Painted” – “races” is a prefix, which means we are starting from the rule in an unstressed position we write “a”, under stress – “o”.

The correct spelling of the word is “painted”.

We are guided by this rule specified above.

A painted house looked like a palace.

He stored a painted gingerbread with a special trepidation.

In the name adjective P*of the OST, a mistake is often made.

This is due to the fact that the unstressed vowel in the first unstressed syllable of this word mistakenly takes for an unstressed vowel in the root of the word checked by stress. And as a verification word, they take the name noun painting.

But if you make out this adjective in composition of the word, it is easy to find out that the spelling that causes doubts is not at all in the root, but in morpheme, which is the prefix.

And the spelling of the prefixes of Ros-/ Ras- in the Russian language obeys the following spelling rule:

In a strong position (under stress) we write a vowel letter o, in an unstressed position – vowel a: painting, but paint.

The correctly written painted.

In the middle of the hut on the table with a patterned tablecloth flaunted a painted samovar.

In the adjective -sprinkle, you can make a mistake in writing the prefix Rar/Ros. If you do not know the rule, you can easily be mistaken, but the rule is simple: the stress falls on the prefix, it means -ros, there is no stress -write –.

Painted carpet, a painted ceiling, a painted service, but an interesting painting.

The word ‘p (a/o) of the list’ is an adjective and to understand how it is correctly written ‘by the’ painted ‘or’ painted ‘, it is necessary to put it on morphemes to understand in which part of the word there is an unstressed vowel’ a/o ‘. The root here will serve the ‘PIS’, but the unstressed vowel is in the prefix ‘p (a/o) s’.

The spelling of the prefixes ‘ROS/RAS’ says that we write ‘o’ under stress, otherwise – ‘A’.

We write correctly: painted.

Many curious people went to the next entrance to stare at beautiful painted walls.

At first glance, you can choose a verification word – painting, but this is not so. It will be correct to write – painted . According to the rule:

The spelling of the prefixes is the races, in the unstressed position a, the shock about .

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